Fabien Centonze (Nantes) could be absent for 4-6 weeks

Fabien Centonze officially signed a five-year deal with FC Nantes on Thursday, but Nantes fans will still have to wait before seeing him in action. During his medical visit, MRIs of the right side revealed muscle deficits in both hamstrings. He does not suffer any tears and will not be operated on but will have to follow a rehabilitation protocol. The duration of his absence could be between four and eight weeks. In the player environment, we expect it to be a bit sooner.

In absolute terms, Centonze could be fit to play right now. This was stated by a Messin leader on the day of the formalization of his departure, recalling that the player started in Bastia on September 17. A version that the player’s clan does not deny. However, in view of the MRI scans, the risk of him being injured was deemed too high and the FC Nantes medical staff made the decision to take the necessary time.

Absent more than 100 days last season

Last season, Centonze was absent for 101 days after suffering a hamstring injury in early January, before relapsing in early May because he had restarted too soon against Montpellier at the request of the garnet club, engrossed in that moment in a struggle to keep it. .

Although FC Nantes had already positioned themselves in August to sign him, the player particularly appreciated the way the Nantes leaders kept their word in this case. Contacts have been constant since the end of the transfer window. Present in Paris during the player’s medical visit, CEO Franck Kita also did not attempt to renegotiate with Metz after discovering that Centonze would not be operational immediately. “I really wanted to come to Nantes. My choice focused on Nantes for a while. I am super happy to join the club and return to L1.”stressed the main interested party during his presentation to the press this Friday at noon.

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