Favorite Fauve Hautot in Dances with the Stars? Annoyed, she breaks the silence and makes a point.

Liane Lazaar is a web editor attached to the television division of Purepeople.com. She knows as much about Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s career on TF1 as she does about the latest twists and turns of reality TV candidates and she has a great taste for gossip stories.

In this new season of “Dancing with the Stars”, Fauve Hautot has inherited international star Billy Crawford as a partner. And given his strong potential on the dance floor, many netizens see it as an act of favoritism towards the dancer. On Twitter, she spoke briefly about the issue.

Friday night, a new number dance with the stars was broadcast live on TF1. At the end of the evening, it was Clémence Castel and Candice Pascal who were eliminated. By contrast, Billy Crawford and Fauve-Hautot qualified almost without difficulty thanks to a contemporary dance in the title Hell of Stromae very evocative for the Filipino.

From the start, Billy Crawford has displayed an almost unnerving ease on the show floor. It must be said that he has a very impressive past as a professional dancer. For example, he became one of the dancers for pop icon Michael Jackson. in 1995 during the MTV Video Music Award at just 14 years old. So, pairing up with triple winner Fauve Hautot, Lorie’s ex is bound to be formidable. And for netizens, there is no doubt that he does not team up with her by chance and that the latter is simply favored by her production.

Annoyed by these comments, Fauve Hautot decided to react to them through a tweet. Thank you for your kind comments, passionate heart trying to create beautiful things. For the others, I read them…better get hooked. What to say… No dancer chooses the artist with whom he will perform. This since the launch of this program. Good weekend ! Thank you“he clarified.

Billy Crawford also confirmed these rumors saying that Fauve Hautot always inherits the best dancers during an interview for purepeople.com. “I really don’t know what to think about it… I haven’t watched all the seasons of dance with the stars. (…) I heard about these rumors that Fauve Hautot would dance with the best candidates. That’s not true ! Because this year there are Carla, Stéphane and many others who are very strong. I think that cannot be said, for me it is not true. They also say that I am strong but not really: I did dance for thirty years, but I never did ballroom dancing like on the show.“, he had explained to us.

And whatever happens, Billy Crawford is delighted to have him as a partner: “It is a great pleasure for me to dance with someone like that. She’s a perfectionist, so strong, right in her mind… she’s a winner, a champion. For me, she is the top of the top. I have already learned a lot with her.”

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