Feat of Metz who wins in Györ

Metz won this Saturday in Hungary, on the ground of the European runners-up in Györ (24-28).

hungarian dream! And in fact not: Metz dominated Györ well, this Saturday at the end of the day, in his Hungarian lair: 24-28 for the French champions on the ground of vice-champions of Europe. The score could have been even bigger if the Messines hadn’t indulged in some small delicacies, well taken advantage of by Estelle Nze Minko, the French international who plays for Györ.

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Classification group B

In fact, there was never really any suspense as Metz got the match in the tenth minute (5-7, 10), thanks to some pretty amazing application on defense that had the effect of causing an unbelievable amount of shot losses from Györ. Eun-hee Ryu, the South Korean winger, is a prime example. Arriving at the relief of her in the back, Ana Gros received a special welcome from her former colleagues from Metz, attentive to prevent her from sending the mines whose secret she has. So much so that Györ went nine minutes without scoring (7-9 in 13 to 8-12 in 22). Surreal!

Second Metz success

On Messin’s side, Chloé Valentini enjoyed exploiting the opponent’s fumbles (6 of 7 in shots before the break, 1 of 1 in the second act). After counting six lengths ahead (11-17, 28), Metz shot with a bonus of four (14-18, 30). Still solid in defense and with Hatadou Sako much more accurate in his goals, Metz continued their party against a Györ who had to wait five minutes before scoring, after the break (15-20, 35th) by Anne Hansen, a little lonely to float.

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In a cloud, Metz even scored outnumbered, by Sarah Bouktit in the pivot, to allow an eight-goal lead (19-27, 49th). Ambros Martin, coach of Györ, put Estelle Nze Minko up 1-5. This had the effect of limiting Györ’s break (4 for 4 in seventeen minutes for the Frenchwoman). But not to prevent him from conceding his first defeat in three Champions League games. Metz achieves a second success.

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