Filip Nikolic: his daughter Sasha speaks for the first time about her father’s death, 13 years later

Sasha Nikolic spoke on the 50’Inside program this Saturday, September 24. For the first time, Filip Nikolic’s daughter mentioned the death of her father.

On September 16, 2009, the death of singer and comedian Filip Nikolic was announced. Sad news as it was very popular. After having formed one of the most emblematic groups of the late 90s, the 2Be3 with Frank Delay and Adel, he had wanted to pursue an acting career. He notably appeared in the series Navarrese. Since her death, the tributes have been linked over the years and, for the first time, it was Sasha Nikolic, his daughter, who spoke on the show. 50′ inside This Saturday, September 24. The young woman, who is now 17 years old, made some confidences about her mourning and wanted to salute the memory of her father. “When you lose your dad at three, you don’t realize“First he trusted. If you have some unfortunate memories, Sasha Nikolic assures that he was not aware of what was happening on the day of his father’s funeral.”Honestly, I didn’t know what we were doing.“, he confessed before indicating that he cried just two months after the singer’s death. A moment that Valérie Bourdin, her mother, never forgot and that marked her deeply.

Before the cameras of 50’Inside, Sasha Nikolic and her mother have decided to salute the memory of Filip Nikolic. Of many new images were broadcast and the program’s journalists were able to talk with their families. At just three years old, Sasha Nikolic was too young to understand what was going on… until the day it collapsed. Valérie Bourdin remembers finding her daughter sitting on the sofa listening to music. “She was sitting on her couch, she had her headphones on, she was listening to her father’s music and suddenly, I see the tears“He explained first, very moved. Seeing her cry, he ran to little Sasha to try to comfort him and ask him what was wrong.”but i miss daddy“, she answered. For her part, the young woman says: “I started my mourning when I was 12, 13 years old… That’s when I told myself I don’t have a dad”he laments before adding: “We were really very close.“This is not the first time Sasha Nikolic has spoken out about her father’s disappearance.”I miss my dad. It breaks my heart when other people talk about their dad.”, confided in Gala in September 2021. On social media, she also pays homage to him quite regularly and got into music, just like his father.

Filip Nikolic, a singer who has never been forgotten

On September 1, Filip Nikolic would have celebrated his 48th birthday. It was on September 16, 2009 that he was found He died of a heart attack caused by a drug overdose. Her death, Valérie Bourdin never recovered and she had assured, in the columns of Gala, that it was not voluntary. “The day before, she had planned to take her daughter to her dance class, I didn’t want to die, it was an accident. Pharmacists gave him over-the-counter medications.“, he had said first. The singer’s widow was able to overcome this ordeal thanks in particular to the support of her daughters, Tanaelle and Sasha. “There were photos of Filip all over the house and even a life-size poster in my mother’s room.“, Tanaelle had indicated in the Gala columns in September 2020. “With Sasha, last February, we realized that we had to intervene, she no longer laughed, she no longer danced. The more he passed, the more he retreated. We told him we had to move on.“, she continued, determined to come to her mother’s aid. During this same interview, Valérie Bourdin had confided that she had “thrown to work I was obsessed with the idea of ​​creating a cocoon for my daughters. The men, I no longer saw them. I wouldn’t have given any of them an hour, I’d rather be with my kids.she remembered.

Filip Nikolic and Valérie Bourdin, a meeting that changed their lives

In the late 1990s, Filip Nikolic crossed paths with Valérie Bourdin. A love at first sight that was immediate for both and for ten years they will live a very intense love story. Saha was born from their relationship in January 2005. If the couple was first in a cloud, Filip Nikolic was victim of a descent into hell in the 2000s. A follower of a healthy and sporty lifestyle, his daily life changed radically when he began drinks, smokes and even takes medicineyes A very dark period for Valérie Bourdin that she tried to be by her side until her death, as she had told in her book, Philip for lifepublished by Editions du Rocher in 2010.

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