Florent Pagny cancer victim: a friend of the singer gives news about his health!

Florent Pagny is part of these stars that cultivate discretion. his private life the interpreter of ‘Saber Amar’ he is determined to preserve it at all costs. And this, sometimes, to the chagrin of the most curious among us.

However, in January 2022, on social networks, it is with an open heart that the singer confident in his illness. Since then, his catches lyrics they are made in drops. Fortunately, you can always count on your friends to learn from your newsalthough they are rare.

Back to the terrible announcement

It is known that Florent Pagny he is currently battling lung cancer. As a reminder, it was on January 25, on Instagram, that Vanessa Paradis’s ex publicly revealed her illness.

through a video the jury of “The Voice” in particular, he confided that the crab is woefully inoperable. To fight, the singer followed a protocol of “six months of chemotherapy and X-rays”.

Well obviously the bad news shocked more than one. Anonymous as famous, all gave him their support. Needless to say, all this outburst of love comforted him a lot. Let us remember that the singer had also announced the cancellation of his tour from the age of 60. A great disappointment for him, but also for his fans.

Florent Pagny, in warrior mode

However, they know very well that your idol’s health comes first. Not seeing him perform on stage, they were at least able to follow him on “The Voice” season 11. Indeed, despite his harsh treatment, Florent Pagny continued his adventure on the show, leading even his talent to victory. This is Nour the youngest in the competition.

Note that physically, Slimane’s former mentor a lot has changed since then. Shaved head, great weight loss, it must be said that the cancer did not spare him. However, the star was never disappointed.

Of course sometimes could be complicated as evidenced by his statements against Nikos Aliagas in Gala’s columns.

“I had pure chemotherapy, the one that kicks ass: headache for twelve days, no joke anymore! “, She confided in particular.

That said, thanks to the support of his loved ones, including his wife and children, the artist put himself “in warrior mode”. Facing one by one the hard stages of his road to recovery.

How are you ?

Since June, Florent Pagny therefore completed the 6-month protocol. And the least we can say is that it worked very well, and this, from the first two chemotherapies. Not surprisingly, according to him, his tumor “which was the size of a kiwi turned into a hazelnut.” A news that undoubtedly delighted his admirers.

And lately it’s with a better mine than the artist be publicly displayed, as in his photo taken with chef Pascal Jounault. Only then, appearances of him are rare. The last post of him on Instagram of him was on August 14. in the title ofa picture of him on a boat, looking at the horizon, wrote: “Everything is going very well! “.

Florent Pagny: Zazie gives her news

Note that the singer not completely out of the woods yet. And if he’s keeping a low profile, it’s probably because he’s taking care of himself. Fortunately, as we said above, his relatives do not hesitate to break the news of him. This is especially the case for Anggun and recently for Zazie.

In full promotion of her mini-album entitled “L’EP”, the singer made revelations about the father of Inca and Aël. In his words in Le Parisien:

“Last season I didn’t see everything because I was working on my songs, but I liked the sweetness and the increased pleasure between the coaches. There was benevolence everywhere, from Florent Pagny, whom I know by heart, whom I often have on the phone and who is doing well. »

For more information Florent Pagny will not participate in season 12ᵉ. After 5 wins under his belt, he decided to leave his red chair to the new kids. These are rappers Bigflo and Oli.

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