Florent Pagny cancer victim: Zazie spills the truth about his state of health!

At the beginning of the year, Florent Pagny’s fans learned some very bad news. The singer announced that he was canceling his route due to concerns about Health. He announced that she was the victim of a lung cancer.

Florent Pagny fights cancer

A few months ago, Florent Pagny spoke on his social networks. On video, he announced to his fans that he had to cancel his concert. He explained that the doctors had found a cancer to the lung.

Terrible news for Florent Pagny fans who were not expecting it at all. The main interested party has also revealed that he would never have spoken about it cancer if it hadn’t been his tour.

But things decided differently and the singer had to fight this tumor. He also had several chemotherapy sessions. In La Voz he appeared without hair, beard or eyebrows and emaciated.

Fans were also worried about his health. Especially since the main interested party disappeared for several months to cure and care for him. But recently, he has returned to the front of the stage.

After months and months of absence, Florent Pagny shared a new photo on his Instagram account. He appeared in better shape, with beautiful colors and facing the sea. And he seemed to have recovered.

” It is going well “

If Florent Pagny remains quite discreet about his health, some of his friends do not hesitate to say more. Not long ago, it was Zazie who confided some things to him about the Singer.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Zazie also confessed: ” I have it very often on the phone. Before stating: ” It is going well “. A reassuring news that will not fail to please fans.

And rightly so, the latter are waiting for Florent Pagny to give news about his state of health. Furthermore, rumors claim that he has finally cured of his cancer. Quite surprising news.

The artist had explained that this tumor could not be operated on. Some still wonder if things have progressed. Patience will still be needed to find out a bit more.

by his side, Zazie decided to return to the front of the stage. In fact, she released a new four-song album. Soon, she should be back on The Voice too.

Zazie back at The Voice

For this new year, Zazie will resume her place in the red chair. Good news for his fans, but a disappointment for those of Florent Pagny. In fact, the latter is not don’t come back next season.

For his part, Zazie confided to the Parisian: “It was not planned at all. It was the production that suggested me. First I looked at my calendar. And that made me tired…” .

Before adding: “I’m in the studio, I’m going to shoot in 2023… Then I saw myself smiling, thinking about the coaches, the team, the musicians. the voice is not not just a big mistake.

Florent Pagny’s friend continued: “And the ones that win aren’t just the ones that win, like Will Barber, who filled bigger places afterwards. And it’s something to be coach.

She seems very happy to resume her place in The voice !

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