Foot OM – OM: Jonathan Clauss, concern grows in Marseille

Jonathan Clauss is having a good start to the season with OM so far. But the former Lensois really doesn’t have time to breathe.

Starting for France against Austria on Thursday night in the Nations League, Jonathan Clauss takes what it takes. Especially before the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Because except for a turn, the former Lens should be on the trip. In any case, all the means to achieve it are given. Even if that means giving up a possible break. It was pointed out by Jonathan Clauss in the mixed zone after the game against Austria, he sleeps almost 11 hours a night and is very careful about his lifestyle. But the right side seems more and more in a thread. Something to worry about a littleOM.

Clauss, a marathon runner who suffers

provence reviews this Saturday the start of the season by Jonathan Clauss. If the player had started perfectly at the Canebière, he is struggling a bit physically. The Marseille player most used by Igor Tudor since the start of the season with 816 minutes played, he had no time to breathe during OM’s XXL series of matches before the international break. Given the injuries facing the France team, Jonathan Clauss is not saved from Didier Deschamps either. He could also continue against Denmark this Sunday night. “I knew that physically, it wasn’t going to be easy. I had to show that I am capable of playing for this team. I don’t think I did it wrong. Of course I still have to work. No automations yet, but I feel good and do my best to perform.”, released in statements collected by La Chaine L’Equipe. Whether it’s with OM or the Blues, Clauss will have to grit his teeth, hoping to avoid physical trouble.

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