Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar lost and in tears, the revelations fall

New important leaks come from Spain, revealing how Neymar left Barça for PSG, despite the fact that the Catalan club saw absolutely nothing coming.

FC Barcelona is a real strainer, and we are not talking about the defense of the Blaugrana. Many confidential documents have been leaked in recent days and it is starting to cause a stir. Lately, Lionel Messi’s requests to stay at Barça in 2021 have been published, which do not help soften relations between the Argentine and his heart club after last summer’s divorce. Then, it is the economic details of the tailored contract offered to Gérard Piqué and its daunting clauses, which have come to light in broad daylight. From now on, El Mundo balances everything on Neymar, and his departure from Barça for the psg in 2017.

The Spanish newspaper tells how Barça had decided to put up the package to try to make Neymar stay, while the latter was preparing, with the help of PSG, to buy his termination clause for 222 million euros. Raúl Sanllehi, then director of football for the Catalan club, was convinced that Neymar Senior, the Brazilian’s father, had the power to change his son’s mind. In emails recovered by El Mundo, Raúl Sanllehi announces to FC Barcelona that everything should go well with the blessing of Neymar Senior. “ I’ve been with him for hours and hours, and I think I know him well enough to know when he’s lying or not. There, I am absolutely convinced that he is with us. The problem is the boy. He is confused in his head, he goes through moments where he is vulnerable, with many personal problems. He believes that leaving Barça will solve all his problems. I also talked to him, made him cry more than once, and more than once he admitted to me that he was lost. “Explains the Barcelona leader, convinced that to a great extent he could change the mentality of the Brazilian clan and make them stay in Barcelona.

Everything changes after a leak in the press

But then everything went wrong explosively. The details about Neymar’s exit clause and, in particular, the fidelity bonus that would not be paid in the event of his departure, added fuel to the fire and provoked this explosive message from the father of the Santos prodigy. ” I don’t believe you anymore, you lied to me. They are leaving us, one by one, and now there is the flight for the loyalty bonus. If I don’t get it today, I can legally break the contract and you won’t get any of the 222 million.”balanced Neymar Senior in the Barcelona club, in a visibly prepared turn.

Note that FC Barcelona did not pay this bonus to Neymar, deciding to go to trial, before a friendly agreement was reached a few years later. In any case, the circumstances of Neymar’s departure are now known and, specifically, that for a long time Barça was convinced that the Brazilian player would never slam the door to sign for PSG.

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