Four red cards and game stopped… The crack of the U-18 against Poland

Four expulsions in 20 minutes precipitated the defeat of the France Under-18 team in the “final” of the Limoges International Tournament against Poland this Sunday. Reduced to 7, the Bleuets were unable to finish the match.

Another bad publicity for French football. While extra-sports matters take center stage, sometimes to the detriment of the athlete, the U-18 tricolor gave a bad image of the next generation during the Lafarge Foot Avenir Tournament, which ended this Sunday in Limoges.

The France-Poland match, decisive for the final victory, did not even come to an end due to the four expulsions pronounced against the French players during the match, ending the victory in the hands of the Poles, who prevailed 3-2 on the scoreboard in the 77th minute. Just chosen from the start of the match by their rivals (5th), the Bleuets had reacted perfectly to tie in the 22nd and quickly take the lead (25th).

Darnell Bile loses control of his nerves…

Everything quickly went off the rails for them at the start of the second half, with the successive expulsions of Parisian striker Ilyes Housni (55th) and Rennes defender Jeanuel Belocian (60th), already warned in the first half. Outnumbered nine against eleven, the French team suddenly found themselves in a very poor position to defend their chances, while the score remained 2-2 with 25 minutes remaining in the match.

A result that, however, remained favorable for Les Bleuets as a draw was enough for Bernard Diomède’s players to win the tournament. It was still necessary to be able and know how to defend it. Unfortunately, the young U-18s lost their footing along with their nerves after Poland’s third goal (70th). HAC defender Yoni Gomis received a second yellow signifying expulsion. The frustration was then at its peak. It was enough for the end of the game to degenerate after a tackle from Stéphanois Darnell Bile, followed by a header aimed at his victim, who had just gotten up. The gesture of humor too much.

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