France does not reach Denmark (0-2 on the hour). Follow and comment the game with us

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22:25 : But what is Upamecano still doing on the court?!?

22:23 : Fortunately, Denmark is not one of our opponents for the CDM! Oh wait…

22:22 : Keep in mind that since the Faroe Islands are giving Turkey a soccer lesson, the blue sink will seem a little less painful.

22:20 : Third Croatian goal against Austria!

22:18 : To win without danger, one triumphs without glory. What to say when you remain graceless…

22:17 : Perhaps a hope, Croatia took the lead against Austria, which leaves us practically third.

22:16 : #DANFRA Do you remember when, 4 and a half years ago, on the way to becoming world champion, this EDF was according to some “just a team that only defends”? Bah, it wasn’t so bad, when she defended, right?

22:16 : Now we can start counting those who lost points in this lost game: Upamecano and Camavinga in the lead…

22:11 : I have understood. The players help us boycott the World Cup. Because if it’s to see them play like this, you better refrain 😁

22:11 : Nothing fits… but he’s warming up in front of the Danish goals….

22:11 : Are Marcel Desailly and Laurent Blanc ready for the CDM? Because, well…

22:08 : Kylian Mbappé shot deep that is in front of the goalkeeper, does that mark? Not tonight, unfortunately, Kasper Schmeichel deflects the Paris striker’s shot. Yet 2-0 for Denmark68.

22:06 :0 – France is one of 6 teams to score zero goals in the first half of their 2022/23 Nations League matches along with England, Liechtenstein🇱🇮, Malta🇲🇹 and San Marino🇸🇲. Stuck. #DANFRA

22:06 : Still want a stat to decorate this sad afternoon of football?

21:49 : It may be Qatar that Camavinga has just released. Deschamps showed no feelings when he took him out at the break

21:48 : I’ve got his jersey on my back, so I might as well tell you that Jonathan Clauss’ entry at right piston delights me (it’s William Saliba coming out, and Benjamin Pavard sliding into the shaft). Also highlight the departure of Camavinga for Fofana, very good against Austria. Here we go again for this second period, and I announce the best for the Blues with the return of the former Lensois!

2-0 for Denmarkremember.

21:46 : “They catch us three, four times in the same way from set pieces. We did not do the right thing in the marking ”, Didier Deschamps defends himself before the TF1 microphone.

21:44 : There is no movement between lines / pistons that we do not trust / no DC profiles that come to bring excess / a game that leans between Grizou and Mbappé / Pavard !!? 😄

21:43 : A tactical analysis to weigh down your rest a little more?

21:43 : @Square foot

21:43 : How are you Pedro? You’re still alive? Haven’t you eaten your keyboard and your computer yet?

21:40 : @Provisional We still feel the difference when Raphaël Varane and Lucas Hernández are missing… I’m more mixed with Presnel Kimpembe, who still seems to be leveling up both at PSG and in blue.

21:39 : Varna. Fast!

21:38 : Yes… but it hangs by a thread. Austrians and Croats finished the first 45 minutes with the score 1-1, and in the game, it is rather the Austrians who dominate.

21:37 : Is France still standing at this hour with the draw in Austria and equality on goal difference in the standings?

21:33 : Why does France never lengthen under pressure? There is Giroud in the air and given the pressure from Denmark it is 2v2 behind Giroud-Mbappé vs the center backs

21:32 : 4 years ago, Giroud’s interest was above all in moments like this: this goal-man far ahead to rely on when getting the ball out is too complicated. It doesn’t seem like France have been looking for him much since the Danish standout’s inception. 🤷 #DENFRA

21:32 : We may be wondering at halftime why the Blues don’t use Olivier Giroud’s back-to-goal play to send the ball back into the Danish half.

21:31 : It’s halftime in Copenhagen, and the Blues has completely disappeared from circulation after 20 interesting minutes. 2-0 for Denmarkand the addition could have been more salty since the tricolor rear guard floated from set pieces.

21:28 : Deschamps and Guy Stéphan on the bench #DANFRA

21:27 : From world champions to group B of the Nations League very quickly.

21:27 : This is the worst defensive corner kick in the history of corner kick matches.

21:26 : We’re way behind, but damn, this Denmark plays well. And they have the Dolberg casing on point also #DANFRA

21:26 : They’re driving the point home, 😳!

21:24 : A firecracker from Skov Olsen at the entrance to the surface, in the defensive corner 72 mishandled by France, ends up in the back of Areola’s net! 2-0 for DenmarkThe Blues are on the ropes!

21:23 : Oh la, it’s drinking water everywhere, isn’t it?

21:23 : It’s very, very hot for the Blues right now, because Alphonse Aréola just saved a 2-0 ball down his line. But the young blue defense is totally upset by the changes on the Danish side. The Blues must turn their backs, always 1-0 for Denmark39.

21:21 : Well, we can only hope that Croatia beats Austria.

21:20 : In our group standings, the Blues are level on points with Austria and are ahead of them only for the benefit of particular goal average. In short, it’s hot.

21:20 : It’s calming.

21:20 : That was to be expected…

21:20 : What did I say huh!

21:19 : Opening the scoring for Denmark, thanks to former Nice striker Kasper Dolberg finishing off a tense cross at the near post and taking out Alphonse Aréola with his left foot! 1-0 for the Danes against the Blues, minute 35.

21:12 : In fact, the tricolor branding in the corners gives cold sweats, with large omissions on the surface. It is true that the automatisms must be refined… but it does not prevent!

21:11 : Let’s take one. Possibly from the head.

21:08 : The great control of the Dane hides that the rest of the team is completely useless.

21:07 : Play fast and well, like a wind of 2018!

21:07 : there is better

21:05 : A shot from Griezmann deflected by Kasper Schmeichel, a shot from Camavinga up high, he plays very, very well on the blue side! Strong start to the match for Didier Deschamps’ men, despite the important team rotation! And even Alphonse Aréola got in tune with the team by making a magnificent save (in an offside shot, of course, but magnificent nonetheless). Denmark-France 0-0twenty

20:58 : On the other hand, Alphonse Aréola, who is not the titular dans son club, knows a debut match hesitant avec un première prize de balle aérienne chahutée par l’ancien Lyonnais Joachim Andersen (que beaucoup de suiveurs de la L1 avaient déjà oublié, in fact). Denmark-France 0-013

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