France National Team – EdF: Giroud in Qatar, Deschamps doubts more and more

Apart from the French team since the European Championship, Olivier Giroud has only returned twice. But, each time, he knew how to be decisive like on Thursday against Austria. What to doubt about Didier Deschamps, so inflexible in his case in recent months.

Since the beginning of 2022, Karim Benzema has missed two international meetings due to injury. This was the case last March and it is happening again now due to the end of the group stage of the League of Nations. However theFrance team he was not disturbed in his absence. The top scorer of the last Champions League did not fail as Olivier Giroud was a very good substitute in attack. A two-time goalscorer against the Ivory Coast and South Africa six months ago, he did it again against Austria on Thursday night.

Deschamps opens the door for Giroud

In addition, Giroud knew how to perfectly integrate the blue eleven with a notable influence on the collective game added to an impeccable state of mind. What to go against Didier Deschamps, the coach of him. The latter believed and proclaimed to everyone that Olivier Giroud could not settle for a role as a substitute for blue and was going to weigh down the general atmosphere of the French team. But it is clear that this justification is becoming increasingly difficult to convey to journalists and supporters alike. Didier Deschamps even concedes half a world, Olivier Giroud is selectable in the current state of things.

There is a lot of support for Oliver and he deserves it. It is a fact, I do not involve the players in the selection or selection of players. It’s not his role. Good for Oliver. At certain moments, he could have counted on that support. Olivier, it’s up to him to maintain. I know what he is capable of doing, he has affinities with players more than with others but he has always had a collective spirit. Answer: early November , dropped at a press conference this Saturday against Denmark-France. A promise that says a lot about the reversal of the situation handled by Olivier Giroud. Now, with 23 like 26 summoned, the presence of Olivier Giroud in the list for the World Cup seems a real possibility.

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