Gaspard Proust ridicules Hugo Clemente

Gaspard Proust, Hugo Clemente. Liewig Christian/ABACA / Liewig Christian / AFP / STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN

In the Sunday newspaperThe humorist ruined the last report of the 32-year-old journalist and activist.

“From the moment you expose yourself, you have to accept that some people don’t like you”Hugo Clément told us on the occasion of the publication of his report “At the front” on September 19, dedicated to the relationship between viticulture and global warming. Let’s hope the thirtysomething was able to maintain the same composure when reading Gaspard Proust’s latest column in the Sunday newspaper , published on September 25. He leaned with almost sadistic care over his “Red Alert on Wine” report. He is rated as“Elise Lucet in Thin”of “Tintin with soybeans”of“ecological warfare reporter”.

“Hugo does not drink wine”

“Let’s be lucid, Hugo Clément does not come to ask questions but to illustrate answers”devastates the 46-year-old Slovenian-Swiss humorist, who analyzes current affairs in a weekly post, sometimes without fear of bad faith, in parallel with chronicles on Europe 1. Punish Hugo Clément, this “Falsely ingenious flute player of the Tintamarre eco-citizen”, accuses him of peremptorily believing that consumers want less alcoholic wine. The phenomenon, if it exists, is certainly still weak in France. Hugo Clement “Would an asshole have woken up with dry vomit in a shopping cart on the banks of the Saint-Martin canal?”wonders, all in elegance, Proust.

The comedian also considers that “When the wise man points to the moon, Hugo sucks his thumb”… The former reporter for the “Petit Journal” and “Daily” I would not have been able, in this film for France 5, to take the measure of the work of the winegrowers, of the need to save the crops. There would be an explanation for this: “Hugo doesn’t drink wine… Yes, you read that right”Screams proust. “I almost never drink wine. It’s not out of conviction, but simply because I don’t know how to appreciate it.”Hugo Clément recently granted.

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