Good Deal: “5-Star” Google Pixel 6 Pro Smartphone at €719.00

Google is back with two smartphones, the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. The second, the best of the duo, offers a large LTPO display, the new Tensor chip, and a triple photo module meant to appeal to photography lovers. mobile.

Great smartphone with a completely revamped design, compared to previous pixels, and quite divisive, the Pixel 6 Pro benefits from impeccable build quality, but also from a beautiful 120Hz adaptive Oled display. If we can lament its passable autonomy, the smartphone stands out among the multitude of premium models -invoiced a few hundred euros more than it- for its uncompromising power, but also for its versatility in photography, especially at night, driven by Google algorithms. A hit, then.


  • Often stunning night photos.
  • Very powerful Tensor chip.
  • Beautiful 120hz Oled display.
  • Content weight in relation to its format.
  • clean design

Weak points

  • Divider design.
  • Not very fast charging.
  • Average autonomy.
  • Optional charger.


Once again, Google demonstrates its complete mastery of mobile photography. Unfortunately, this does not make the Pixel 6 a perfect smartphone, mainly because of its Oled panel that is not up to the competition, or because of its limited autonomy and its charging too slow for the top of the range. Despite this, thanks to its power and the overall experience it offers, it definitely remains one of the best smartphones on the market.

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