group L5 announces sad news to their fans

This Sunday, September 25, in the afternoon, the news group L5, which includes three historical singers from the group, Coralie, Alexandra and Marjorie, and two new additions, published a press release to announce bad news.

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Among the emblematic artists of the early 2000s, it is impossible to miss the L5. In 2001, five young women, Claire Litvine, Luis Jose, Coralie Gelle, Alexandra Canto Y Marjorie Parascandola meet participating in pop stars and win the tele-hook. In the process, they achieved enormous success with their legendary song. all the women in your lifebut also with their titles question of survival either A spark. Considered as “The French Spice Girls“, Johnny Hallyday even wanted to record a title with them.. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 2007 after selling 4.4 million records. Finally, twenty years later, the L5s met on the set of generation hit machine, unreformed.

The L5s have reformed with two new recruits

Since going their separate ways, the young women have evolved. Louisy Joseph embarked on a solo careerhe released three albums and performed. Marjorie, Coralie and Alexandra have reformed their group by hiring two new women. coralienow 45 years old, became a mother for the second time a few weeks ago. But as his fans eagerly awaited his return to the stage with the tour Back to Basic 2000 beside Willy Denzey, Yannick, Larusso, or even Tribal King, the group New L5 published a press release on September 25 at the end of the day, which will undoubtedly make you sad. “We announce, through this official press release, that unfortunately we will not be able to finish the “Back To Basic” tour. We are very sorry to have made this decision unanimously, but this tour has had many ups and downs, particularly due to the Covid pandemic and we are no longer in sufficient numbers on the remaining dates to be able to continue“, explains the post. Next, the singers detail the reasons that led them to make this tough decision.

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“It’s not carelessness, we can’t keep our promise to 5”

Time has passed since the beginning of this adventure and the incessant postponements do not allow us to assume the rest, the things of life are imposed on us… We would like to sincerely apologize to all of you, we are aware that the production has had many communication difficulties following cancellations and postponements. We thank all the people who took care of us, obviously both the technicians and the artists and, above all, thank you very much for having responded by being present on all the dates. We apologize to everyone who arranged to come see us, We are as disappointed as you are that we cannot go to meet you and even if it is not with joy of heart we cannot keep our promise at 5″, they continued. Before concluding: “On behalf of the NewL5, know that we are and will be in solidarity with you in this disappointment. Sharing these moments with you has been an experience rich in emotions and we hope to see you again very soon on the roads of France. Thanks for your loyalty and we’ll tell you soon!

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