GTA 6 too ugly? This is what your favorite games looked like before

With the leaks, GTA 6 is at the center of a controversy surrounding its graphics. Unbeknownst to the players, the developers show what their games were like before they left.

the GTA 6 Leaks it had the effect of an earthquake in the video game industry. On the players’ side, reactions were divided. On the one hand those who sympathized with Rockstar, those who were delighted to discover some mechanics and emblematic places of vice city. And then another, these real players baffled that an alpha version could be so “ugly” and that they responded with their rather lively reactions. Words that did not escape the rest of the developers, who wanted to put them in their place.

Developers respond to controversy over GTA 6 graphics

Some gamers definitely don’t know about the game development process. GTA 6 Leaks, coming from a PS4 version dating back at least 3 years, immediately took to social media to show their discontent. ” Nine years old and in this condition? », « All these years and it’s also ugly. For example, several people commented. To defend himself against netizens who tried to explain the very principle of development to them, one of them said “ The graphics are the first thing that is finished in a video game. “.

A phrase that has not escaped developers from various backgrounds, who have wanted to show how their favorite games looked during their design. Cubes, blocks, unfinished textures, even pills like pirates for Sea of ​​​​Thieves. Like GTA 6, the games go through several phases of experimentation during development. A revealing example horizon zero dawn I once had a version using only active from Killzone and even firearms. Here is a small anthology of videos that have been posted in response to the controversy surrounding GTA 6. We also remind you that the game would not be expected before 2024 at the earliest. Rockstar says that this massive leak will not have a long-term impact on the development of Grand Theft Auto 6.

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