Guillaume Canet affected and lost, Marion Cotillard’s cold revenge on the “flight” abroad

If Marion Cotillard multiplies the projects, including two currently in the United States, it would be to “punish” Guillaume Canet, who would have been dizzy on the work last year.

According to the magazine Here, this would have undermined his story and weakened his partner.

“At one point, he wanted to get dizzy away from the family camera,” the post said.

What would have annoyed Marion Cotillard, who “ended up” slamming the door, would have been to see the father of her children plunged headlong into work, “drowning in it at the end, losing sight of the positive side of things, of the daily life”. , and even life as a couple”.

The 47-year-old actress, immortalized in alone in the streets of New York, lThe filming location of a series that will soon be available on the Apple TV platform would not have tolerated the father of her children being absent many times.
A source close to the couple, perhaps the former couple, said: “She could see that his mind was elsewhere. She’s the one who broke up.”

And if it multiplies the projects, it would be in a form of revenge.

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