Hamraoui case: disturbing new revelations about Diallo’s split personality…

The Journal du Dimanche reveals the surprising findings of investigators from the Brigade for the Repression of Banditry (BRB) on the personality of Aminata Diallo. She evokes a split personality.

Hamraoui case: new r

Diallo and Hamraoui in the PSG shirt.

Every day brings its share of surprises in the case of the Kheira Hamraoui attack. And this Sunday is no exception.

For more than a week, all eyes have been on Aminata Diallo, suspected of sponsoring the attack on her ex-partner at Paris Saint-Germain. accusation by aggravated violence Y conspiracy The midfielder was released on bail this Wednesday after five days in preventive detention.

When Diallo makes fun of Hamraoui…

To this day, Diallo remains innocent. But the investigators of the Brigade for the Suppression of Banditry (BRB) continue their investigations and are particularly interested in the personality of the player. A personality to say the least disturbing, if we are to believe the latest revelations published this Sunday.

The Journal du Dimanche reveals that the listening and sound system of the French international’s apartment revealed personality traits to say the least disturbing , according to the researchers. During an exchange with a young teammate last May, seven months after the attack, Diallo was not soft on Hamraoui: She said victim of aggression, we don’t give a damn, what the fuck do we care (…). Is she dead? She had nothing, brother, she was not even a day in the hospital. They missed her, she got her ass kicked, she deserved it.

The researchers think that a double personality

More disturbing, investigators noticed during conversations with a young woman that Diallo appears to be masquerading as a man by adopting a deeper voice. During these phone exchanges, the player is described as making outbursts of jealousy, often violent talking to your interlocutor, who believes that it is a certain invoice . Behavior that makes BRB policemen think that Diallo is suffering obviously a split personality explains the JDD.

A hypothesis reinforced by another strange discovery. In fact, the investigators discovered that the player was using a pseudonym. Victor Newman in an encrypted message on a second phone hidden in his house. According to the media, these elements could lead the investigating judge in charge of this case to order a psychological expert opinion on Diallo. Obviously, this amazing affair hasn’t revealed all the secrets of him yet…

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