“He fell off the chair!”

There are much more difficult confessions to make than those on Sunday after mass. The beautiful brunette from Toulouse, who became known to the general public thanks to her multiple victories in Koh Lanta, made the bitter experience of it. Because if Clémence has spent two years spinning her perfect love with Marie and, logically, she has chosen a woman as a couple, in this case Candice Pascal, to participate in Dances with the StarsFrom which she was eliminated this Friday, announcing her new preferences to the one who was, until then, the man of her life, was not easy!

“There were misunderstandings, many questions and a little anger”

Mathieu Johann, the singer revealed in 2004 by the star academyThis coming-out was even less expected since the couple had already had two children, Louis, born in 2010, and Marin, born in 2014. Not for a moment would he have suspected that his companion would change sides. But the former tennis champion was honest with him and she bluntly admitted that she now liked women. A scene that Clémence will never forget: “It was a difficult time, she remembers, he is the father of my children, is he someone I respect a lot? My goal was obviously not to hurt him, but I did. I spoke immediately. I talked about it with Marie one Thursday, he was out of town, and as soon as he came back I talked to him about it, lying is not in my character, I didn’t see myself cheating on him or having a double life. He fell off the chair, which is understandable. Myself when I found out, it was a total upset. It was a misunderstanding, a lot of questions and a bit of anger too. He saw that everything was collapsing. We had to find the right words to reassure. the. I tried to do my best.”

Thankfully, after a moment of quite legitimate astonishment and confusion, Mathieu sat back in his chair, accepting the choice without bitterness. Clemency. Much to the delight of Louis and Marin, who now share custody.

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