Housni, Bilé and Belocian harshly sanctioned after seeing red?

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The France U-18 team sank yesterday in the final of the Limoges tournament against Poland (2-3), without reaching the end of regulation time. The game was definitively stopped in the 77th minute after the fourth French red card in 20 minutes, received by Darnell Eric Bilé (ASSE) for a violent tackle followed by a header. Ilyes Housni (PSG), Jeanuël Belocian (Rennes) and Yoni Gomis (Le Havre) had already been excluded for a second yellow card in the second half.

Bilé’s header in the face of a Pole, who should rule him out for “a little time”, caused a crowd on the pitch and made the match players and spectators tense, so much so that “for half an hour, even the leaving the stadium, it was hot, with boiling fans. When I left, the police were intervening to calm everyone down, “says a British actor in L’Équipe.

“Unfortunately it happens regularly, maybe not at a very high level, but I don’t know if this tournament was a very high level tournament,” lamented coach Bernard Diomède, into the microphone of France 3. For some, he is not there. It may not be a return to the France team, because they have to understand things. Others had a good attitude at the end of the game, they tried to calm things down. You have to analyze carefully, coldly, who behaved well and who behaved badly. As a coach I will penalize the players that I have to penalize. »

To sum up

Four expulsions in 20 minutes and a game stopped: the France under 18 team cracked yesterday in Limoges, against Poland. Some, like ASSE striker Darnell Eric Bilé, should be sanctioned.

Bastien Aubert

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