How ASU Went Prematurely Into Its New Territory With Coyotes

February 14, 2022;  Tempe, AZ, USA;  ASU's Multipurpose Arena, where the Arizona Coyotes have a contract to play their home games from 2022 to 2025, is under construction at ASU's Tempe campus.

Ongoing pandemic. supply chain issues. Except for an NHL tenant.

External factors jeopardized the Arizona State Multi-Purpose Arena’s completion timeline and it seemed hard to believe that ASU Hockey would drop the puck for its first game on October 14.

However, arena planners did not anticipate a fast-moving timeline for the arena, which resulted in the opening play date of December being moved to October.

They had a backup plan for starting the ASU hockey season at the Oceanside Arena, where it is playing, knowing that it would not be easy to accelerate a project that included 5,000 concerts for hockey, wrestling, and women’s gymnastics. Seating area is included. and other events.

“We expected our first series to be in Oceanside and that it would be a farewell,” said Frank Ferrara, CFO of Sun Devil Athletics. “As the months went by, construction was always on budget, but it was happening ahead of time. We adjusted and started moving our games here that were due to take place in Oceanside.”

August 2, 2022: Construction continues at the ASU Multi-Purpose Arena, which will be home to ASU hockey, gymnastics, and wrestling, as well as the temporary home for the Arizona Coyotes.

One of the biggest challenges in construction was when the Arizona Coyotes inquired about joining the project as a temporary home while their new arena was built in Tempe. Once the Coyotes signed a multi-year deal with ASU in February, it was up to architects and contractors to figure out how to fit the small space into a building for the NHL.

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