How Stellantis is taking on the burgeoning motorhome market

No less than 40% of motorhomes use Fiat mechanics. This is ten times more than Citroën, the second most popular brand. Both make Stellantis the European motorhome champion, which celebrates the fair from September 24 to October 2.

The motorhome is definitely on the rise. According to professionals in the sector, the year 2022 could end with new records in the number of rentals and sales of motorhomes and camper vans. The peer-to-peer leisure vehicle rental platform Yescapa thus reports a 30% increase in reservations in July, compared to 2021. During the period from June 1 to August 30, 2022, the European network of areas Rest Camping-Car Park recorded a 33% increase in attendance for one year.

In both cases, the same observation: foreign tourists are back in France. “They represent almost 25% of overnight stays this year, compared to only 14% in 2021,” reports Yescapa. Added to this trend is the deeper trend of one that “combines a comparatively affordable accommodation price and freedom of movement”, summarizes Laurent Morice, co-founder of Camping-Car Park.

The rise in diesel does not stifle the demand for motorhomes

Obviously, the (the fuel of choice for these heavy and bulky machines) was not enough to discourage the desire to escape. The opinion of the 4,000 interns surveyed in June by Camping-Car Park reflected well the general opinion: because if 82% of them considered that the increase in fuel would put a stop to their trips, they could not resign themselves to giving up their trip. Quite simply, 41% would be those who plan to do fewer stages and stay longer in the same host area, when only 16% of them thought they would stay in their region of residence.

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Whether they fall into the category of full conversions, aerodynamic bodies, simple convertibles, pop-tops or equipped vans, leisure vehicles are on display at the Paris-Le Bourget Leisure Vehicles Show, from September 24 to October 02 of 2022. A testing center is even planned, for those who want to take the measure[…]


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