How to avoid being scammed by dishonest mechanics?

You’re probably not the first to criticize the garage where you left your car for repairs. With at the end, a salty note and the very strong feeling of having been cheated. But how do you know when you don’t touch a mechanical ball? HAS villeurbanneThree years ago, Ylan Techer and his partner Camille Meilheurat founded the company Diagnosis’Auto. Since then, dating requests have poured in.

The couple does not “insure any repair” of the vehicle, explains the young woman. But instead, he is responsible for carrying out a diagnosis for 40 euros in order to detect the fault and indicate to customers the exact amount of the repairs or change of parts to be carried out. According to an Ifop survey, 77% of motorists have already had a negative experience with a garage.

“Since the early 2000s, all vehicles have been equipped with a suitcase plug that allows connection to a fault finding machine,” continues Ylan. “Today, no mechanic works without this machine,” adds his colleague. The diagnosis is not always indicated on the invoice presented to the customer. And very often they overestimate: 90 euros in most dealers, sometimes 150 or even 300 euros in some.

A repair cost 20 times more expensive in a garage

Practical and self-taught, Ylan trained himself to the point of becoming an expert. A warning light on, a loss of speed, a noise under the hood, “I’m sure we’ll find the fault”, smiles the young man. Unlike mechanics, he provides a detailed report to his clients. This avoids having to replace four candles when only one is no longer working and many other mishaps. “We have received clients who were advised to change the injection pump on their car or their engine. They asked for 1,500 euros, or even 3,700 euros when the problem came from the sensor, which actually costs… 70 euros”, explains the young man. And he continues: “The goal is for people to know what they have to do. »

“Our main target is the elderly or women, who are the most often welcomed. But we are also aimed at connoisseurs who would like to carry out the repairs themselves”, adds Camille. Recently, the young woman has been making car keys. The demand was important. “Here they cost between 95 and 150 euros depending on the model. At dealerships you will pay an average of 250-300 euros, and even up to 1,000 euros in luxury brands. However, they are the same models, the same quality. The difference is that there is no logo. »

The pair now aim to launch a franchise by the end of 2023 to expand their activities throughout France, with the exception of Paris, where they believe there are fewer development opportunities.

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