How to mess up the new duplication in GTA Online for easy money

Duplication glitches are often fixed, so if GTA Online players want to make easy money, they can take advantage of it even earlier. It is important to note that this new duplication mess includes clean plates, which is desirable and makes the vehicle more risk free. Keep in mind that the method discussed in this article is only for motorcycles.

There was another major duplication glitch related to the feature, but that has been fixed. Therefore, this article will only talk about the old bike duplication glitch, which surprisingly still works. It is recommended that GTA Online players use the most expensive motorcycles they have, such as the Western Deathbike.

New bike duplication glitch in GTA Online (easy money)


It’s worth mentioning that whatever exploits GTA Online players choose to exploit, there will always be some risk involved. They are advised to do these exploits sparingly so as to reduce the chances of banned or suspended, With that out of the way, the actual guide is worth getting.

Here are the requirements:

  • a bunker
  • and power
  • A motorcycle clubhouse with a custom bike shop in it
  • An expensive motorcycle that the players are planning to sell
  • A cheap motorcycle that players will happily replace

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to mess up bike duplication in GTA Online:

  1. Enter the bunker.
  2. Enter the MOC (the motorcycle of your choice should already be in it).
  3. Find the motorcycle of choice (ideally a Western Deathbike).
  4. Go to the Motorcycle Clubhouse, but don’t use a private vehicle to get there. It is recommended to use something like CEO Buzzard to get to the map quickly.
  5. Pick up a cheap bike from your clubhouse, such as the Faggio (you will lose this bike).
  6. Modify it here and change something about it. Something cheap like replacing a plate works.
  7. Return to the bunker, but make sure to avoid using any private vehicles to get there.
  8. Take the motorcycle you took out in step #3 and try to put it in the MOC.

GTA Online players will see the message “Personal Vehicle Storage Completed”. go through it all and come back Motorcycle Club House To see if the cheaper vehicle has been deceived by the more expensive one. Anyone can easily earn over $1,000,000 per duplicate.

Keep in mind that this will only cheat motorcycles, as expensive cars, planes, helicopters and boats are not eligible.

western deathbike

Deathbike is usually one of the most popular choices for these types of adventures (image via Rockstar Games)

the main reason Arena War Motorcycle This feat is recommended because of its selling price. The vehicles that a player can sell in GTA Online go for 60% of the original price as well as 60% of any customization features implemented. Although the Western Deathbike is not the most expensive motorcycle to buy, it does have some expensive upgrades that make it good for these kinds of adventures.

They don’t have to use it if players don’t want to, but cheap counterfeit vehicles sell for less money. The main point of this duplication mess is selling fake bikes for easy money.

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