How to oppose your credit card?

CONVENIENT – Your credit card contains all the information needed to access your account. Therefore, it is urgent to oppose as soon as you believe that your security is compromised.

If it often gives the impression of being safer to use than the checkbook, which is still the payment method most attacked by fraudsters, the bank card is, however, fallible, especially . Then it is necessary to reluctantly object, that is, contact your bank to block money transfers and render the card unusable.

In which cases oppose your bank card?

Bank opposition affects all types of cards, whether credit or debit. The most obvious cases of bank opposition refer to the theft and loss of cards, since at that moment you no longer know who has your card and what use they can make of it. But with the democratization of online payments and the development of contactless payment that allows limited payments but without a confidential code, the situations that require you to oppose your bank card have multiplied. You may still be in possession of your card even though your bank details have been . As soon as you notice questionable money transfers that you didn’t request, go immediately to object to your card.

Multiple means of action.

To oppose your credit card, the telephone is still the preferred means by the agencies. Contact your bank at the specific number they gave you – you can find it on your contract, in your checkbook, and even on your bank card if you still have it. There is also an interbank server dedicated to blocking bank cards (cost of a call to a fixed number + 0.34 euros taxes/min included).

Some banks also allow you to object to your account online. You will receive during the procedure a file number that you must communicate confirming the opposition in a letter sent by registered letter. At the same time, file a complaint with the clerk.[…]


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