How was Mathias Pogba able to make his revelations on Twitter while in detention?

Mathias Pogba in a video posted on Twitter on September 23, 2022 - Screenshot / Twitter @LeMathiasPogba

Mathias Pogba in a video posted on Twitter on September 23, 2022 – Screenshot / Twitter @LeMathiasPogba

Prosecuted like four other suspects in this investigation, Mathias Pogba relaunched the Pogba case with the publication of numerous messages and several videos on his Twitter account @LeMathiasPogba on the morning of Friday, September 23. These publications surprised because the brother of Paul Pogba he has been in preventive detention since September 17.

In one of his tweets, Mathias Pogba offers an explanation: “If you read this message, my bot (computer robot, editor’s note) will have done its auto-delivery job. It also means that I am no longer free, either because of my brother’s henchmen or because of the police. This is how the slanders will have worked to shut me up”.

Posts posted at different times

Posting messages “automatically”, as Mathias Pogba describes it, is possible. Twitter allows you to schedule the publication of a message on the desired dates and times, without having to have your computer or smartphone turned on. Tools outside of Twitter also allow this operation.

But in this case, it is indicated that Mathias Pogba’s tweets were published through the Twitter web platform, which can be used with a computer or through the browser of a mobile device (and not through the official applications) in computer and smartphone or by a third-party application). For the dissemination of these videos, the tweets were chained one after another. Except that the web platform… doesn’t allow you to schedule a message thread (what is commonly called thread).

It is possible that Mathias Pogba in this case used a “bot” to send his automatic messages, which therefore implies the configuration of a computer script. But one detail raises questions: in most of the published threads, the messages were not published at the same time. For example, there is a six minute interval between the broadcast of video “11-A” and that of “15-B”. Which is not supposed to happen when scheduling messages with Twitter tools. Therefore, two hypotheses are possible: either the “bot” experienced some delays, or these tweets required human intervention to be published.

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