“I always thought about that” (VIDEO)

Leaving whenever he wants is Patrick Sébastien’s greatest wish. The former presenter of the world’s biggest cabaret gave himself sincerely on the set of Touche, not in my position at C8.

In particular, he returned to kidney cancer that he managed to overcome a few months ago. Cyril Hanouna asks him if this cancer started because of his violent eviction from France Télévisions. Honestly, Patrick Sébastien replies: “all things like that are related to health problems. Stress creates that.” And he adds: “I expected it! I was hoping to have something physical.”

Determined not to be discouraged, Patrick Sébastien warns: “if you complain, if you feel sorry for yourself, you will not get away with it!”

Cyril Hanouna then quotes a very strong passage from the presenter’s new book, “Live and be reborn every day”, in which he evokes his suicidal wishes. On this subject, the interpreter of Las sardinas explains: “I don’t want to shoot myself in despair. Despite the pain, I had a great opportunity to live an extraordinary life (…) As long as I’m alive everything is fine. But the physical and, above all, mental decay is something that would be very difficult for me to accept”.

He adds: “Life and death have always fascinated me. It is a wonderful path. Death is fabulous. It’s the only time we’re all the same.”

Completely cured of his cancer, Patrick Sébastien spent his summer on stage, meeting a whole new audience. Happy to convey his good humor and joie de vivre, the presenter is full of new projects.

Patrick Sébastien also took advantage of his time on the program to talk about his separation from Nana (Nathalie), with whom he had a relationship for 30 years. Very friendly, the two exes continue to see each other and work together. “Loving someone is accepting that they are happy without us,” he recalls.

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