If the Rookies make up the Red Wings this season, who’s out?

After seeing defenseman Moritz Seder dominate the Swedish Hockey League in 2020-21, the Detroit Red Wings brass was confident he would earn a roster spot last fall.

General Manager Steve Yazerman was less certain about Lucas Raymond. He was younger and less experienced than Cedar.

But Raymond was so influential in training camp and preseason that it forced the Red Wings to keep him.

It could happen again this season with one or two cheaters.

Even though the Red Wings currently boast 27 players with NHL experience on their roster, Yzerman has said that he will find a way to have a rookie if he earns a spot on the team.

As the Hall of Famer points out, it would be a good problem if a badass like Raymond asserted himself.

Red Wings hope for 6-foot-6 defenseman Simon Edwinson TRegister your attendance at the training camp. It would be a surprise if he doesn’t make it to the team.

This is how his fellow Red Wings draft pick Theodor Niederbach describes Edwinson: “He’s a great D. He has size, skill, and speed. He can play in the O-zone, the D-zone, anywhere. I’d say that.” He’s almost a perfect D-Man.”

Is it possible that there will be many cheaters in the team? That word is probably too strong. But it’s possible that Jonatan Berggren is bright enough to break camp with the Red Wings. The Red Wings certainly appreciated the development they have made in Grand Rapids this season.

Berggren will get a look

He is more of a playmaking winger than a scorer. But before reaching the NHL, Raymond was considered a better playmaker than a scorer.

The Red Wings are also very excited about Elmer Soderblom’s potential.

“He loves to score goals,” Edwinson says of Soderblom. You’ll recognize him when you see him here for the first time. He’s really a great player.”

Defenseman Albert Johansson can also file a case. Pontus Andreasson is a wild card. He is a 23-year-old Swedish Hockey League standout who signed with Detroit as a free agent.

Injuries will open doors for miscreants. The 27 experienced players include Robbie Fabry (knee), Jake Wallman (shoulder) and Mark Pisic (Achilles). Will all start the season on the injured list.

Yzerman may not have to do anything to make room for newcomers.

If there are more injuries, the Red Wings could have enough room to start the season with many rookies. Yzerman can also open a roster space with one or two trades

But if there are no injuries or trades, a seasoned player or two could lose their job. Some fans may see Filip Zadina on this list, but he is only 22 years old. You can still see some potential. It doesn’t look like the Red Wings are ready to give up on Zadina.

Here are some weak players:

first defenseman steven kaempfer

Kaempfer is on a two-way contract and appears to have been brought in as a veteran who could shuttle between Detroit and Grand Rapids, depending on the Red Wings’ injury status.

He is 33 years old with experience of 231 NHL games. But his minor-league salary of $300,000 may discourage a team from claiming the exemption.

2. Center Joe Poison

The Red Wings know that Valeno can play in the NHL, but they want him to produce more than last season. Valeno had some good chances last season and did not separate himself. He was sometimes solid, sometimes effective, but never a difference-maker.

He will turn 23 in January. The Red Wings still believe they can reach another level. But he is vulnerable because he is still exempt. it’s important. Yzerman can send him to the American Hockey League without putting him through a waiver.

3. Defenseman Jordan Osterley

He has done his job as a depth defenseman. It’s hard to expect to go long periods without playing and then step into the lineup and be ready for game action.

Oesterle did this several times last season and generally did a good job. The Red Wings doesn’t seem disappointed with their work. But he is 30 in the last year of his contract. He is not part of the reconstruction.

4. Leftist Givani Smith

If the Red Wings put him through a waiver, they would have expected him to claim it. His physical prowess can be intimidating.

But the Red Wings expected him to blossom into a third-line force, a tough, tough, effective checker who could score 10 or 12 goals.

He’s going to be 25 and he hasn’t gotten there yet. The Red Wings probably won’t want to leave him until they see what new coach Derek Lalonde can do to him.

leftist adam arne

Adam Arne 2020-21 had a strong season and last season had less impact. But he still led the team in hits.

Steve Yazerman probably isn’t in a hurry to kick her out. But he will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. The Red Wings need to add some physical players, not drop them.

But if you are trying to make room for a scorer or a big forward, he can be weak.

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