In Israel, an army-inspired simulation center to train doctors

REPORT – Installed in the heart of the gigantic Sheba hospital, in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, the Israeli Center for Medical Simulation (MSR) trains health professionals with surprising techniques, inspired by the army.

“Medical error is an epidemic.” A bit provocative, Professor Amitai Ziv doesn’t mince words in pointing out flaws in global health systems. Including those where public investment is generous. This former Israeli Air Force pilot, turned pediatrician, founded in 2001 a training center dedicated to patient care and safety, which collaborates with medical schools and hospitals in the country. “We often tell ourselves it’s bad luck, but it’s not true. This scourge, which continues to be the third cause of death in the United States, is linked to the education and training of doctors and caregivers”, attacks the sixty-year-old with an imposing stature and a rushed flow.

The Israeli Center for Medical Simulation is located in the gigantic Sheba Hospital, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv.  Credit: Isabelle de Foucaud/Challenges

The Israel Medical Simulation Center (MSR) is located in the heart of Sheba Hospital, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. Photo credit: Isabelle de Foucaud/ Challenges

Located in the gigantic Sheba Hospital, the Israel Medical Simulation Center (MSR) is a must-see for healthcare professionals in the country. Emergency doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, midwives and medical students, all professionals, including pharmacists, must pass through this center. A total of 18,000 caregivers receive training there each year.

military training methods

An amazing workout, inspired by simulation-based military training methods. In concrete terms, the center has reproduced a virtual care environment in 2,400 square meters. In a lighted room, for example, baby mannequins connected to machines allow teams to be trained in complex clinical gestures. The adjoining room has been transformed into a hospital ward where actors – the center works with 200 actors – play the part of patients to train caregivers in breaking bad news to patients or their families. The center also has surgical simulators, which use reality […]


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