In London, Damien Hirst exhibits NFT of his paintings before burning their paper version.

COMBUSTIBLE ART – By quickly setting fire to some of his paintings whose clients prefer NFTs, the British artist claims to question the value of art.

The most valuable thing, work of art physical or digital reproduction? at 57, Damian Hirst questions the world of art by presenting, starting this Friday at London, The coin (La Monnaie), his first exhibition with NFT during which the British will burn their own paintings.

The exhibition houses, more than 5 meters high, 10,000 paintings by the artist on A4 paper. In each of them, multicolored dots as far as the eye can see. And on the back, the title of the work: handwritten phrases taken from the artist’s favorite songs. Damien Hirst unveiled his project in July 2021. The 10,000 works were put up for sale at $2,000 each. Each one corresponds to an NFT. Prices skyrocketed on the market, with the price of one of them skyrocketing to $172,239.

Almost half of the works will be burned

Buyers had a year, until July 27, to choose: they opted for the paint or the NFT. More than half (5,149) decided to continue painting, the rest preferred NFT. Therefore, your physical artwork will be burned. “It’s an experience. (…) We force people to choose,” summarizes the artist (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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