“Incest destroyed my life”

The actress testifies in the documentary, Incest, say it and listen to itbroadcast on France 3. Bouleversante.

They are parents, grandparents, uncles, brothers… 98% men. corinne masieroshe says it was “incestuous” from 8 to 13 years old by a cousin 10 years older than him. A testimony that the heroine of captain marleau book, along with others equally moving, in Incest, say it and listen to it.

TELEVISION MAGAZINE. – You say that the trigger was a photo found during confinement…

Corinne MASIERO. – It could actually be a trigger. But why did I go looking for this photo? Defense mechanisms are put in us to protect us, the brain makes sure that we hide things so as not to go crazy, and they reappear when we are able to hear them. At some point, too, you feel the need to scratch to pierce the pocket of pus. There have been other incests in my family. I have never had a taboo.

“I had already done therapy before, it hadn’t come out. »

What was the contribution of your psychoanalysis?

I started it a year ago. I had already done therapy before, it hadn’t come out. Other things had come back, other attacks. Helped the rest to emerge. He also went through the encounters, the life that makes you learn to fight, to defend yourself, to have more confidence in yourself and in others. Because that is what destroys incest: we find ourselves before someone older, in the family hierarchy, who has authority… So, we no longer know who to trust. And there is the guilt, we think we may have said, done something to incite the aggressor.

How to fight against this scourge?

The word, the word, the word! The classical family is a mini-society. When there’s a tsunami like that, everything explodes. A lot of people just don’t want to talk about it. after my show The Godfather IV, or the concerts with my group Les Vaginites where we talk about incest, there are always people who come to see us. Speaking on stage gives a form of legitimacy to talk about it with an unknown person. The first jet comes out, then you have to purge the rest. Since I have been talking about it, many friends have made positive progress towards a form of healing, of being better in any case. And we have to change mentalities. I really like a catchphrase that came out on TV a long time ago: “Thank you for meddling in what does not concern you”. I am not Zorro but I am seeing what is happening and I do not hesitate to intervene.

When you become a sexual object, you no longer exist, you completely deny yourself

corinne masiero

Are there other fights?

The government should release funds to educate, protect children, break taboos, welcome victims, establish structures to deal with aggressors. Because prison doesn’t solve anything. In particular, there is an association, L’ange bleu, which talks on the phone or through the Internet with men willing to act. This sometimes leads to questioning. The perpetrators of incest must realize that they are destroying people, lives.

Have you managed to find a way to serenity?

Sometimes yes, in the morning, not at noon, another time yes at 6 in the afternoon… Sometimes yes all day and not all week… It’s something you carry with you until the end. It did not penetrate me but it penetrated my soul. When one becomes a sexual object, one no longer exists, one completely denies oneself. Each one lives it in his own way, as he can. We often reproduce incestuous gestures or violence, rage. Mostly it comes out against oneself and leads to self-destruction, like me, with drugs, prostitution… But it can also come out against others. Institutions must avoid it. Above all because all the disasters that this entails have economic consequences: when you get into drugs or something else… And then, humanly, how to build a society on such a swamp?

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