Interstellar, with the support of NASA, will launch a watch that contains a real piece of the planet Mars for only 499 euros

NASA wants you to dream. While space agencies continue to dream of sending humans to Mars, Sébastien Colen decides to turn this dream around and bring us the red planet. With the official support of NASA, the co-creator of the Col&McArthur watch brand has decided to launch a watch containing real Mars dust. Packed with details about NASA’s Perseverance mission launched between July 2020 and February 2021, the watch aims to appeal to watchmaking enthusiasts and astronomy enthusiasts alike, while paying a vibrant tribute to the conquest of the space.

© NASA x Interstellar

Like the laws of the universe, the watch’s name has nothing to do with chance. Baptized as RED 3,721, the jewel takes its name from the red color of Mars, red in English, and from the force of gravity that is felt on the surface of the latter, which is 3,721. With a 3D effect, the dial perfectly represents the surface of the planet and is accompanied by 7 digits corresponding to the 7 minutes of descent of the Rover. The exact dates and coordinates of his landing are also present on the watch.

© NASA x Interstellar

© NASA x Interstellar

Beyond all these references, the bracelet offers the possibility of wearing on your wrist a real piece of the fourth planet of our galaxy. The piece, from a meteorite discovered in northwest Africa in 2021, can be placed in a small capsule to the right of the dial.

It will take 399 euros to afford the first model with a leather strap but without a piece of meteorite. To be able to strut around with the piece of Martian rock on your wrist you will have to pay a minimum of 499 euros. An offer of 899 euros is also available to be able to walk away with a titanium storage case. However, it will be necessary to wait until November 2022 before receiving the watch in person.

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