It’s been 6 years without shaving for a touching reason, the result is impressive It’s been 6 years without shaving for a moving reason, the result is impressive

the dictates maintained by our society dictate, for women in particular, many rules. To fit into the “norm”, they must be tall, thin, with chubby shapes and without hairs.

However, every woman is as she is. Also, no one should impose anything on them about her physique. There are more and more who rebel and are no longer afraid to go against the dictates of beauty.

Many women now say they are proud of their shape, or even give up waxing. Because if body hair is considered “normal” for men, it would be much more “embarrassing” or “dirty” for women.

At 20 stop shaving

At age 20, Morgan Mikenas has decided to drop the wax, the Razor and the epilator. No more inflicting this on yourself. Although her hair didn’t bother him, she made the decision not to take it off anymore.

In March 2017, the young woman shared a touching post on Instagram. Teased in college Because of her hair, Morgan Mikenas was singled out for many years. But why ? “Why deny this aspect of femininity and pretend that women don’t have hair? Why do men have the right to leave their bodies natural and women don’t? What is this strange conditioning that makes us find women’s hair strange or repulsive, while it is normal for men? he wondered in a video posted on YouTube.

An opinion shared by many of his followers on Instagram. In early 2017, the young woman shared a photo of herself posing with hernaturally hairy legs. In the caption, she wrote: “Imagine that today is the day that everyone decides to love themselves and their bodies.”

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“You are right not to shave”

The message was strong and convinced his community. Under this particular post, Morgan Mikenas has received many positive and affectionate messages from the people who follow her. “You are gorgeous, I adore your natural beauty”, “I adore you, never shave your hair, you are beautiful and sexy”, “You are right not to shave, it seems like torture to me. Women are naturally more beautiful.” We can read

Unfortunately, this personal choice does not please everyone. It happens to the young woman to receive negative messages. “Even if it’s not to everyone’s taste, I put up with it and take the opportunity to argue with people to find out why my hair is more problematic than a man’s”He said on his social networks.

“I don’t want to tell people to stop shaving their armpits or their legs”he also said through his explanatory video shared on his YouTube channel. “I just want to inspire people to do what makes them feel good about themselves.”

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