“It’s going too well!”, Cyril Hanouna’s “worst enemy” gives news about the state of health of the singer Renaud

Cyril Hanouna had warned them! Invited to their TPMP set on September 22 to present their new talk show “Quelle Epoque!”, Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne were not disappointed by Baba! Indicating the list of his guests, Cyril Hanouna could not help but comment: “Laurence Ferrari, I will be attentive. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, I’ll look. Nicky Doll, I’ll look. Marco Mouly, I will look and more than look. Yann Moix, I love it. Father Matthieu, I’m going to look. Cindy Bruna, I’ll watch. Jean-Paul Rouve, I will prevent it! I can’t blame him and he knows it (…) You have the right to love him, but I can’t blame him.” And this is not the first time that the presenter directly attacks the actor! A great hatred surely born from a little word in the wrong direction…


What’s Renaud like?

However, “Tuche” was present on the set of “Quelle époque!” this Saturday, September 24, specifically to promote his new work “J’ai pas l’air”. A show where she transforms songs from the French repertoire into poems, drawing inspiration from Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Bénabar, Patricia Kaas… or even Renaud. An old friend of the comedian. Christophe Dechavanne’s chance to pop the question: “Renaud shows up in a super moving moment, is that obviously a buddy thing?” But Jean-Paul Rouve does not have time to answer because Léa Salamé, always in the news, immediately goes to ask him how the famous singer is doing, who this year celebrated his 70th birthday, in particular, during a great show dedicated to him by France 2. It is true that the artist’s latest news was not very reassuring since he had announced that he would suffer from pulmonary emphysema from 2020. And that he had also undergone numerous heart operations in recent years and suffered from various fractures.
The singer no longer grants interviews
But that did not dampen his enthusiasm for announcing last spring the release of “Métèque”, a new album of covers by great French singers that all his fans were waiting for. Having stopped drinking altogether, Renaud still appears to be resting…quietly, in the southern French sun. But actual news about his condition remains scant. As the singer no longer grants interviews outside promotional periods, it is usually his friends who distil it in the media. Hence Léa Salamé’s famous question to Jean-Paul Rouve! And the latter hastened to respond immediately, with a big smile on his face: “He’s doing very well, he’s doing too well there”, and to announce that the singer would come to see him on the program “tomorrow”, and modestly concludes: “ I’m happy, he’s fine!” Prove in case it were necessary that Renaud is the eternal phoenix of the French song!

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