Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins beat LA Chargers and Buffalo

Jacksonville, one of the NFL’s weakest teams in recent years, had a blast beating the LA Chargers (38-10) on Sunday during the third day of the regular season. Miami beat Buffalo (21-19), the favorite for the Super Bowl.

For the past two years, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been the worst team in the NFL. Consequence: The Florida franchise inherited the No. 1 pick in the draft and drafted quarterback Trevor Lawrence and defensive end Travon Walker. And, starting this year, Doug Pederson, a 2018 Super Bowl winner with Philadelphia, coaches the team. And it is beginning to bear fruit.

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The results of the third day

400 yards for Allen but loses

On Sunday, a week after surprising Indianapolis, the Jaguars corrected the Los Angeles Chargers (38-10), also a playoff candidate at home, with a spectacular attack. Lawrence threw for 262 yards and three touchdown passes. In his defense, LA was playing with a justin herbert – his QB – slowed by a hip injury and lost his defensive end early joey bosawounded in the groin.

a week later an excellent comeback against Baltimorethe Miami Dolphins offered a new performance of choice, by beating the Buffalo Bills (21-19), No. 1 Favorites to win the Super Bowl. Josh Allen threw for 400 yards but couldn’t prevent his team from losing. Buffalo suffered its first setback of the season. Nice surprise: the Dolphins have won their first three games.

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Brady-winning Rodgers

Tom Brady (Tampa Bay) and Aaron Rogers (Green Bay) met, for the first time since January 2021 and the NFC final won by Brady. But on Sunday it was the Packers who won (14-12), led by their defense. Tampa Bay scored a TD with 15 seconds left but then missed the two-point conversion, which would have allowed them to tie the game and take overtime from him.

The same mishap occurred in Las Vegas, defeated by Tennessee (24-22). The Raiders trailed 24-10 at halftime. They got back within two points late in the game, but missed the conversion to equalise.

Baltimore beat New England (36-27), with a performance by Lamar Jackson, its quarterback. He threw four touchdown passes and one on the run. McJonesthe New England quarterback, was intercepted three times and injured his ankle late in the game.

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Rihanna headlining the Super Bowl

Cincinnati and Burrow’s first win

patrick mahomes and Kansas City suffered its first loss of the season, against Indianapolis (20-17). Matt Ryan kicked the game-winning touchdown with 25 seconds left, then Mahomes was intercepted.

The Cincinnati Bengals, finalists of the last Super Bowl, have achieved their first victory against the New York Jets (27-12). Joe Burrow was effective (275 yards, three TDs). skinny joehis Jets counterpart had a nightmare: four sacks, two interceptions and two fumbles.

detroit with his fire attack led 24-14 against Minnesota, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but finally lost (28-24). Late in the game, the Lions missed a field goal and gave up an interception. Philadelphia dominated Washington (24-8) with a Jalen hurts gala (340 yards, three touchdowns). carson wenttz, the Washington QB, has suffered nine sacks. Khalil Herbert rushed for 157 yards and scored two touchdowns as Chicago beat Houston (23-20). Finally aaron donald recorded the 100th sack of his career, during the victory of the LA Rams, the defending champions, in Arizona (20-12).

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