Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Jenifer, their “tense” reunion: revelations of what happened behind the scenes

In 2001, the star academy opened its doors for the first time. It was at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys that students and the general public immersed themselves in this great adventure broadcast on TF1. And it is in this very place that he was born an idyll between the candidates Jennifer and Jean-Pascal Lacoste. At that time they formed a well-publicized cute couple until the day the singer decided to separate, due to lack of feelings towards the agitator.

After the adventure, they naturally dropped out of sight to go their own way. But in 2021 there was a reunion on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the star academy. Unfortunately, Jennifer he would not have participated as his ex would have wanted. According to his confidences during an interview for Jordan De Luxe, the artist who became famous would not have delayed filming the program. “We saw her shoot on the set. Action, turn around, we did the show and then she left“, he said in at jordan’s house for Tele-Leisure.

However, Delphine Tellier’s partner (Sylvie Tellier’s sister-in-law) stated that she had managed to get an exchange with Jenifer at the time of the pub break. Which turned out prettyweather“.”at the bar, we even tickled each other a littlebecause she tells me: ‘Don’t say I denied the StarAc‘. Because I said that she denied the Ac star. For ten years, his face was blurred in all the pictures.“, he justified himself. And to insist: “Why do we blur, if we don’t have a problem with the Star Ac’ ?“.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste has also drawn a parallel with Olivia Ruiz (candidate for the first season of the Star Ac’) who no longer enjoys being associated with the show that revealed her. The only difference from Jenifer: she assumes it! “I think she’s mad at me for saying that. So that’s not bad. Even when I talk to some people in the business, they don’t tell me that what I said is wrong.. She can say: ‘I didn’t want anyone to talk to me about the StarAc for ten years and now it’s coming back‘” he continued.

Whatever she says, Jennifer always seems to have a lot of tenderness in front of El Uno’s flagship program. Recently, she confided precisely her feelings regarding her big comeback in the coming weeks.

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