John Leguizamo criticizes alleged casting of James Franco as Fidel Castro in new film: ‘He’s not Latino!’

James Franco has reportedly been tapped to play Fidel Castro In an upcoming film from director Miguel Bardem — and John Leguizamo Not a fan.

title Alina of Cuba: Rebel Daughter (translated as “Alina of Cuba: The Rebel Daughter”), the biopic will focus on Alina Fernandez, the daughter of the late Cuban leader, with a script Oscar-nominated screenwriter Jose Rivera and Pulitzer winner Nilo Cruz, time limit Report.

John Leguizamo, James Franco

John Leguizamo, James Franco

Arturo Homes/Getty; Target Press Agentur GmbH / Getty John Leguizamo (L); James Franco

one in Friday’s Instagram PostLeguizamo, 58, wrote, “How is this still going? How is Hollywood ousting us, but at the same time stealing our narratives? No more appropriation of Hollywood and streamers! Boycott! This f’d Up!”

“As well as telling a seriously difficult story without elaborating that would be wrong! I don’t have a problem with Franco but he’s not Latino!” The actor continued.

Franco, 44, is of Portuguese and Swedish descent from his father, Doug Franco, while his mother, Betsy Franco, is of Russian Jewish descent,

Franco’s reps did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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James Franco attends the Filming Italy 2022 red carpet;  Cuban leader Fidel Castro arrives in Washington DC

James Franco attends the Filming Italy 2022 red carpet; Cuban leader Fidel Castro arrives in Washington DC

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images; Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress James Franco (L); Fidel Castro

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According to Deadline, Ana Villafane will play Fernandez in the film, while Mia Maestro will step into the role of Natalia “Natti” Ravuelta, with whom Castro had an affair and was Fernandez’s mother.

Alina from Cuba “Follows the true-life story of Cuban exile, social advocate, Fernández, whose birth was the result of a tryst between Revuelta and Castro,” per Deadline. The film will be shot in Cartagena and Bogota, Colombia from August 15, reports the outlet.

Leguizamo, meanwhile, has been vocal in the past about realizing that it is still an uphill battle to get Hollywood on board when it comes to Latinx representation.

“Were Less than 1% of the stories told by Hollywood and streaming media and networks when we are about 20% of the population, 25% of the US box office,” the Romeo + Juliet “I feel like it’s such a loss for kids that they don’t reflect on themselves in positive ways,” the actor told People in 2020.

Leguizamo, who was born in Colombia, began writing his own material early in his career, resulting in critically acclaimed stage shows such as mumbo mouth1992’s spic-o-ramaof 1998 Weird and, more recently, 2016 Latin history for peacocks, All of them satirized Latino stereotypes through the actor’s own life experiences, and aimed to teach audiences more about their community.

“When you see yourself represented, you feel validated. You feel like you have a chance. I think a lot of my career is inspired by that,” critical thinking Director told people struggle for Latino representation, “Grown up in America, they don’t talk about Latin writers or teach Latin history or achievements. Negatively, this has an adverse effect on other communities that are watching us, who don’t know that we What have you done?”

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Reports of Franco’s involvement Alina from Cuba Less than a month later it was announced that he would be cast in a coming-of-age drama me tu, marking his return to acting Four years after facing sexual misconduct allegations.

Hollywood Reporter Earlier this month it was said that Franco is also starring in an upcoming action film bludgeon, His most recent roles include voicing a character in the 2019 film arctic dogs and the third and final season of HBO deuce That same year.

pineapple Express the actor was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior In an article published by five women, four of whom were his acting students, Los Angeles Times in January 2018.

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At the time, a lawyer for Franco denied each allegation and called for the actor’s 2018 . referred to comment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert As for his formal denial: “The things I heard that were on Twitter aren’t accurate, but I fully support people coming out and being able to raise their voices because they haven’t had a voice for so long.” So I don’t, you know, want to shut them down in any way.”

Last year, Franco compromised with Tether-Kaplan and Tony Gaal – two of his former acting students Joe filed a sexual misconduct lawsuit against him in 2019. Los Angeles Superior Court Records Said He Agreed To Pay $2,235,000 in Settlement,

franco broke his silence in December 2021 on SiriusXM’s Jess Cagle Podcastadding that he was “working a lot” on himself.

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