Karine Le Marchand’s best friend appears for the first time with her new partner

Usually, the one who was the first to associate the world of real estate with that of the small screen, is not really the type to give in to his love life. Which, much to his annoyance, has allowed some to spread rumors about his preferences in the matter.

stephanie plaza surprised him recently in the columns of the Sunday newspaper : “I find it crazy that people are asking these kinds of questions about me, explained the 51-year-old. Well, I’m saying it for the first time: I’m straight. That is all”. A clarification that seemed necessary to the driver, who struggles to combine notoriety and the search for a soul mate: “Every time I’ve talked about my love life and tried to be honest, it’s been a disaster.entrusted him TV+. As soon as I announce something on this topic, either they follow me down the street, or they believe me with the wrong people and screw up the mess. It’s decided, I won’t talk about it anymore!”
The lucky winner has already been hired by your company
But since only fools don’t change their minds, Stéphane recently betrayed that promise. On 1st June, Karine Le Marchand’s best friend He published a photo of his new partner who, it must be recognized, does not lack a dog.

Did the man on TV lie about his sexuality? No way ! This seducer responds to the very canine name of Sweety, and the photo was accompanied by the following comment: “Our new recruit at the agency doesn’t understand a thing about this schedule! Where are the naps, kibble breaks, and Frisbee afternoons? What a dog’s life! The best therapist has fur and four legs.” And this fervent defender of the animal cause adds for his subscribers: “While we wait for a chicken coop to open in our facilities, let’s take care of our animals. They are purity itself and there are so many every day looking for a loving and grateful family. They are the virtue that cannot be humanized if it becomes stupid.” There is no doubt that Stéphane has found in Sweety the most faithful of companions.

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