Kevin Durant, LeBron James situations remind us that in the NBA, anticipation is often more thrilling than reality

Nothing beats NBA fans like a juicy, succulent, superstar trade request or a ripe, rough, free-agency decision just waiting to be let off the vine.

Case in point, this offseason saw blockbuster trades for an All-NBA center in Rudy Gobert and an All-Star point guard at DeJonte Murray — moves that could significantly change the landscape of both conferences and eventually lead to two new, legitimate Title claimant.

yawn. old news.

Instead, we continue to focus our smartphone-era attention on Kevin Durant’s pending divorce Brooklyn Nets and the potential free agency of LeBron James — which won’t happen until next off season. Milliseconds with the transaction complete, we set our sights on the next one, like a game of NBA transaction whack-a-mole.

Before news of the Gobert deal could even be retweeted, for example, we all wanted to know if Utah Jazoo What was he going to do with his other All-Star, Donovan Mitchell? It is only natural. take a look at the trend And you’ll see plenty of previews of the Spring 2023 collections — not a retrospective on the Summer 2022 lines.

What is to come is always more exciting than what has already happened.

Jordan Peele, actor and filmmaker who has built his successful directorial career through awe-inspiring films such as “Get Out,” “Us” and the recently released “Nope,” spoke about the nature and anticipation of the suspense. The element is clearly expressed. is often more powerful than anything that can be shown on the screen.

“Look at ‘Blair Witch’, it’s one of the scariest movies ever. Nothing happens,” Peele said during an interview with the American Film Institute. “It all feeds into the fact that, as with horror, the scariest thing you can do is drive through an audience, allowing their imagination to go crazy. In fact, you can have a movie where some It doesn’t even happen if the audience knows we’re going somewhere, and they’re trying to figure out where it is.”

Peele describes not only the lingering effect of the suspense, but he also points out that the eventual dismay of the viewer revealing the object created in his head can be overwhelming.

“I think, often what happens in a horror movie, in a lot of horror movies that probably work less for me, is like when you see a monster he’s like, ‘Ah, right. Yeah, it Kinda hai, what I thought the monster would look like. Alright, we’ll deal with it.’ But, you know, it’s the ‘Jaws’ rule, right? Don’t show that monster too long.”

,Warning: There is a mischievous word in the video*

The monster for NBA fans is Durant business, a potential LeBron signing or a possible future transaction du jour, and we’re currently nervous in the first act of the film, when anticipation is king.

As we speak, fans of the other 29 NBA teams are pouring record numbers to business machine sites, paving the way for Durant to get off with his franchise. Likewise, Cleveland die-hards envision a grand reunion in which LeBron shies away the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles to join the up-and-coming, youthful corps. Cavaliers And bring another title to the city.

The possibilities are endless, but they won’t last forever.

We just need to look back at Durant’s history to see how quickly anticipation can turn into despair. As the most sought-after free agent in the 2016 class, Durant reportedly held meetings amid a posh Hampton background. Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers And San Antonio Spurs, signing with one of those franchises, or going back to existing Oklahoma City ThunderHis fate would have been changed immeasurably.

Instead he stalled his wagon to win 73 Golden State Warriors, and was immediately accused of being a coward, a cheat code – destroying the equality of the game by unfairly creating an unbeatable team. After two titles in two seasons, speculation of another Durant departure began once again during his third year with Golden State, intensified by an on-court skirmish with Draymond Greene, which led largely to Speculations were made.

Sure enough, Durant entered free agency once again in 2019, this time opting to join Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets—a situation in which expectations have gone far beyond the team’s reality.

So here we are again. Durant’s next destination has been beating the NBA rumor mill for more than a month, and it’s likely the results will be less than we can imagine. if he does business, let’s say heat or sons,29 other fan base will lose interest immediately. The realistic prospect of Durant revoking his request and suing the Nets again next season is also increasing. it is definitely happened beforeWith superstars such as Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Hakeem Olajuwon eventually signing ownership agreements to stay with their franchises.

James Might sign an extension with the Lakers This summer, briefly ending the Cleveland conversation and forcing us to find another star in Photoshop in a new uniform.

The point is, enjoy this mystery for as long as we can. It’s basically unprecedented that a superstar like Durant’s makes a trade request with four years remaining on his deal, and the league is in a position where his presence could turn any number of teams into championship favorites. James could go down as the best game ever, so the setting for his final act is one we eagerly await.

As much as we love the sport itself, at its core is NBA entertainment. This summer we’ve been given the opportunity to be in a buzzing, crowded theater for a big-budget thriller, so let’s get a taste of the anticipation before a potentially “lame” monster finally appears.

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