Laeticia Hallyday collapsed after this shocking discovery about Johnny Hallyday…

In a few weeks, Laeticia Hallyday will celebrate the sad anniversary of the disappearance of johnny happy day The latter passed away on December 5, 2017. Despite the passing of the years, his it is always difficult to live with the absence for their relatives.

A new exhibition on Johnny Hallyday

This Sunday, September 25, an exhibition dedicated to Johnny Hallyday began. On some occasion, Laeticia Hallyday spoke about the disappearance of the rocker. One thing is certain, he has a lot of trouble doing it pain.

If Laeticia Hallyday has found love with Jalil Lespert, it does not mean that she has forgotten the artist. On the contrary. Johnny Hallyday is still very present in your heart.

She has a hard time forgetting him. In an interview with RTL, she made heartbreaking secrets. She explained about her disappearance : “It seems very far away. And at the same time so close.

Before adding: “Five years is dizzying. And at the same time, we had to learn to live without it. The hardest thing is to go on living every day without him.”.

Laeticia Hallyday explained: “Working on projects like this is nourishing. It allows you to be inhabited by it. he continues guide us every day.

Later, she also explained her desire to hold an exhibition in memory of her late husband. “Reliving it is a transcendent experience”.

“We do not remake our life, we continue it”

Leticia good day also explained to RTL: “I can do it. Be true to what he expected of me, be true to his values, to his artistic work. What I learned from him ».

Before trusting: “I was lucky that he send a lot of things. That is also part of this complicated duel. Of this impossible duel. You don’t get your life back. We continue ».

Heartbreaking words that did not stop moving the fans of Laeticia Hallyday. On the occasion of this exhibition, the latter has also made a discovery that she did not expect at all.

in a reportage produced with Le Parisien, the mother of Jade and Joy showed off a black leather jacket. She then explained: “Johnny was always full of things in his jacket pockets. Namely, lighters, medicines. But also combs, business cards ».

While making a selection of the outfits he wanted to move from Los Angeles to Brussels, he came across this famous leather jacket. And the least we can say is that she I was hiding a real secret.

The shocking discovery of Laeticia Hallyday

During her report for Le Parisien, Laeticia Hallyday confided with great emotion: “I found in the inside pocket a photo of Jade, age 3.

Laeticia Hallyday later clarified: “He had kept it. I did not know, I did not know it. Not Jade». Impressed by this discovery, she has also decided to talk to her granddaughter.

She also told our colleagues: “When I told my daughter, in tears, she asked me to let her in”. One thing is certain, this discovery moved her mother and her daughter.

Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, his daughters, Jade and Joy, keep paying tribute to him. Very affected by the departure of her father, both support each other.

In social networks, the Girls by Laeticia Hallyday also share Very moving messages for your dad.

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