Léa Salamé: Who is her famous ex Olivier Guez, whom she still discreetly supports

Lea Salame is in charge this Saturday of the new France 2 program entitled what a time! The 42-year-old journalist is accompanied by Christophe Dechavanne and Philippe Caverivière. After co-hosting the show. We are live Together with Laurent Ruquier, Léa Salamé thus becomes the new host of France 2 Saturday nights.

In the private sphere, Léa Salamé has been sharing the life of essayist and politician Raphaël Glucksmann for six years. They have a son, Gabriel, born on March 12, 2017. Before that, the journalist shared the life of another writer who is also a journalist: Oliver Guez. The latter has worked as a journalist for important international titles and has written books on contemporary history. Certainly a very cultured man!

He is the person who supports me every day.

In December 2015, Léa Salamé, who enjoyed a certain notoriety thanks to her role as a columnist in we are not in bed Presented by Laurent Ruquier at France 2, she was crowned Woman d’Or in the Media category. A few days earlier, the young woman had received the Philippe-Caloni award as interviewer of the year. During her speech after her coronation as Golden Woman, Léa Salamé had sent her thanks to Laurent Ruquier, Patrick Cohen and her partner at the time Olivier. He is the person who supports me every day. and who doesn’t understand why I wake up at 5 in the morning, why I work so much, why work overwhelms me, who doesn’t understand why we don’t go out for a walk more often, to see the churches in Italy or walk around Buenos Aires . That’s why honey, it’s because I’m addicted to my work and I love it above all else.he said into the microphone.

Far from being on bad terms with her ex, Léa Salamé continued to support Olivier Guez while remaining discreet. On April 28, 2020, while France was in lockdown, she shared on Twitter an article from the Spot about the new book by Olivier Guez entitled The disappearance of Josef Mengele with this little word: “Melancholy of travel, beautiful text by Olivier Guez in Point.”

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