League of Legends: BDS Academy showered by Heretics in the European Masters final

In the final of the European Master of League of LegendsOn Sunday, the Spanish from Team Heretics overwhelmed the French from BDS Academy (3-2), still undefeated since the start of the competition, to everyone’s surprise.

Cold shower for the BDS Academy in the final of the European Masters, the European Second Division of League of Legends, Sunday. Undefeated since the start of the competition and a big favourite, the French runner-up fell (3-2) after a very tense match against the Spaniards of Team Heretics, whom, however, they had defeated twice in the group stage. The latter succeed another tricolor team, Karmine Corp, which had won the last three editions.

An insurmountable way out

Better back in their match, the Heretics had managed to trap their opponent in the first two games, thanks to a particularly inspired Subicz “Bluerzor” Daniel and erasers better controlled. The champion of Spain, several of whom could join the highest European level in the future, above all perfectly neutralized Adam “Adam” Maananethe usual BDS spearhead, who couldn’t have his usual clout at the start of the game.

Against the wall, the French representative sublimated himself in the third and fourth sets, rediscovering his very square style of play, embodied by Steven “Reeker” Chen, probably his best player in this final. But the third match point was too much: in a very close match, BDS turned back on half of the game and could only be allowed to die slowly, before finally breaking for good after 38 minutes of play.

Third lost final for BDS in 2022

This is the third loss in the grand final this year for BDS Academy, after two defeats in the French Championship final, in spring and summer, always against the same opponent: LDLC OL. This time, his usual tormentor. had been prematurely dismissed for heretics, in the semifinals, and the title seemed to reach him. But the quintet failed to clinch the title they were promised, perhaps paying the price of a grueling year.

For the French League, this defeat is a setback, since five of the nine editions played since the competition’s creation had been won by one of its representatives, including the most recent three, via Karmine Corp. Although it remains the most homogeneous of national leagues, with three teams in the quarterfinals of this summer segmentmust, probably temporarily, abandon his throne to his best Spanish enemy.

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