Let’s recognize the greatness of the universe

Today, Louise, my thoughts are with you, because I realize how much you can help many people with your thoughts, your advice, your point of view, your humanism and your life experience. Because life, precisely, is not above all a long calm river.

There are hard blows, as well as fights of all kinds to fight. Not to mention the fact that a human being is already complicated at base. His genetics shape him in the first place, but his environment also plays a role afterwards. Not to mention all the whims of life made up of small pleasures, outbursts of tenderness, love relationships, communicative joie de vivre, as well as enriching encounters.

In addition to the role that nature plays in reconciling us with life. She who helps us on the roller coaster of existence, as she has always been for me. Without neglecting the importance of developing our resilience capacity. In this sense, my parents always told me that each one was the architect of their own happiness.

Some will say that luck plays an important role and that it is not distributed equally among all humans. It is true, since the destiny of some is marked more by misfortune than by happiness. But let us never forget that the decisions we make are also important in our successes and failures.

In primary and secondary school I was educated in the Catholic religion. But around the age of 14-15, I became agnostic. Passionate about astronomy, I guided my academic progress in a certain way. A path that quickly made me understand that religions are human inventions, and that therefore they can be vectors of wisdom in giving meaning to life, just as they can become tools that generate inequalities, hatred and exploitation of all kinds.

Today, as the James Webb Space Telescope shows us an unknown part of the universe located billions of light years from us, we realize how our planet “Earth” is a fragile thing and very small for what exists beyond.

The human being is capable of both the best and the worst, and history has shown us. Let us be careful never to lose sight of good in favor of evil, because the limit is sometimes difficult to define.

Thank you Louise for your column, which is a resource of immediate help for all those who do not have access to a psychologist due to lack of luck or financial means. In this time of great need, you are there for those most in need.


Without being an astronomy buff like you, the images from the James Webb telescope also fascinated me and made me aware of the immensity of the universe. Our smallness should make us reflect on the importance of conserving what we have and that allows us to survive in the immensely large that surrounds us. I do not intend to replace any professional with my work in the Trunk since I don’t have the skills. But I think I belong to this role of messenger responsible for guiding the people in question towards a solution, through a word, a reference, a suggestion or a simple encouragement.

I admired Solange Harvey, who preceded me in this role, and happily took up the torch when she left her post more than 20 years ago. The writings I receive accompany and punctuate my life. Some days the pain is palpable, while other days I immerse myself in the small joys of everyday life and gorge myself on stories of ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. Thank you for trusting me and loving me enough to trust me with your secrets.

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