Lily-Rose Depp relieved – Says yes to Joelle Rich, Johnny Depp’s partner

Johnny Depp’s relationship with lawyer Joelle Rich is said to have been validated by Lily-Rose Depp, the actor’s daughter. She would have been hot.
In the past, he would have managed to fire a colleague of his father, the Russian

the the bomb in question is Polina Glen, that the Hollywood actor would have even considered proposing, reported the Australian magazine New Idea.
“If Johnny really does settle down with this Russian girl, it would be terrible for Lily, who won’t talk to him again until she gets some serious help. It is not good”, confided this source, who would be close to the family.

“He should find a young woman his age who is less interested and can handle ‘being in the spotlight.’ “It’s not necessarily easy when you’re Johnny,” a close source said.
If the Russian top is supposed to have been taken from her by Lily-Rose Depp, it would instead have validated the relationship between her illustrious father and Joelle Rich, a 37-year-old attorney, mother of two.

According to the magazine “Us”, they would even be engaged, while the divorce of the British with the father of her children would not materialize.
“And they are serious things, they are destined to be together … Their chemistry has no limits,” a source told Us Weekly magazine, who understands that the lawyer also attended the hearings of Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber in Virginia.

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