Lollapalooza 2022 Day Three: J. cole, willow, tomorrow x together

Lollapalooza Final day of 2022 wrapped up with headliners willow And J. Cove, The third day also includes Chicago-bred lil durkey and South Korean K-pop group Together x Tomorrow, the two acts were recently added to the lineup, carrying out Saturday’s festivities in Chicago’s Grant Park.

Alexander 23 brings your music back home
“I’m from Chicago,” said Alexander Glantz, who performs as Alexander 23 and has become an industry collaborator. “So it’s extra special for me.” Funny, Glantz’s harmless generic pop-rock didn’t feel that special. Glantz was at his best with heart-on-sleeve power ballads like “Cry Over Boys” and “Somebody’s Nobody,” but the most memorable moments from his set came with a secure cover of Tears for Fears. and Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone.”

meet me @ the altar Enter the next generation of pop-punk
Between the promotion of Willow and Machine Gun Kelly, Meet Me @ The Altar showed that pop-punk isn’t just for major label headliners. The lively emo group online formed in 2015, writing songs together while living separately in Florida, Georgia and New Jersey. On stage, vocalist Edith Victoria, guitarist-bassist T Campbell, and drummer Ada Juárez concluded with their natural chemistry and the bubbly energy of their 2021 EP ideal citizen, It was Victoria who stole the show with crystalline tones that dodged the raucous tone that haunted the style, her neon green and turquoise updo as she walked in.

Fletcher @lollapalooza

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Fletcher’s performance with impressive pop vocals
Fletcher Cain sing, The New Jersey-born rising pop star could coast on the force with which fans slammed “Undrunk” and “Beckies so hot”. Instead, she earned her spot on the main stage with a mashup of “Fuck You Ruinin’ NYC For Me” and Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”. As she raised the vocal peak of the single, Fletcher went toe-to-toe with Eilish, increasing her voice in strength and tenor. With plump cheeks and slight surprise at the size of her crowd, she undoubtedly raised the anticipation for girl of my dreamsHis upcoming debut album.

dashboard Confessional dabble in nostalgia
As a beloved emo band, Dashboard Confessionals are used to reveling in nostalgia. Frontperson Chris Caraba led the Florida group through a series of iconic singles (“Vindicated,” “Stolen,” “Screaming Infidelities”) and Deep Cuts (“The Brilliant Dance,” “Again I Go Unnoticed”). Ended with the whole crowd singing along, the lyrics are embedded in his mind. “I think some of you are too young to know these songs,” Caraba said. As if to prove him wrong, audience members sang lovingly along to old hits, including the fan-requested “Saints and Sailors” and the closer “Hands Down.” Fans old and young alike rejoiced.

Lil Durk returns to his roots
Growing up on Chicago’s South Side, Lil Dirk was given the stories of a lifetime from which to draw, and the rapper’s latest after all these years 7220, which lists many personal tragedies and setbacks, explores how hard it can be to escape the gravitational pull of roads. So many people chanted “Shootout @ My Crib” and “What Happened to Virgil?” Pressured to listen to songs like this, which both hinged on Dirk’s trademark Auto-Tune hybrid singing and rapping, that the show had to be paused more than once. To give the packed crowd some breathing room.

to durk @lollapalooza

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voloz Offer Winning Indy
Dylan Minnette And brayden lemasters The Wallows of Wallows have been making music together for as long as they’ve been working in Hollywood, which means it’s been a long time at this point. Recent hits like “13 Reasons Why” (Minnett starred in the series of the same name) and the expected TikTok magic certainly didn’t hurt the chances, but if you know about the band this hook is the confident set of California indie. Tha-rock gems like “Scrony” and “Pictures of Girls,” you probably wouldn’t guess, the group still has the works of the day.

YG A Suspicious Peepshoe Loves
YG splits his set between rapping hits and encouraging women to flash him. The Compton rapper hit “BPT,” “Fuck Donald Trump,” and “Big Bank.” If the minutes passed with nothing but music, however, YG demanded “more titties”. “We like to watch it,” he said, yet he dismissed one girl for “mosquito bites” and mocked the other, saying, “Her shit looks ready for milk.” One of the biggest slices of Lollapalooza’s demographic pie chart are high schoolers. After screaming for boobs for a long time, a shirtless man shouted, “Dude, mine’s out!” YG then clarified that he was not interested in male nipples.

Waste set the stage for revolution
Idols singer Joe Talbot looked like he was ready for a fight before the band played a note. There is no question that the UK group relishes its confrontational reputation, reveling in the making of a huge racket that sometimes appears to be on the verge of chaos. In fact, after only a couple of songs, most of the band was already drenched in sweat, and the modest but energetic crowd was churning in front of the stage. Talbot really had an appreciation for the eyes and ears between the songs, taking some time to outline the conflicting messages and political themes of his life, which were constantly running through punk onslaught.

turnstile Carrying the Hardcore Torch
Hardcore is rarely represented at major music festivals. As the chosen crossover act, the turnstiles carried that torch with chivalry and passion to make good on the occasion. glow on The song was greeted with wonderful singing and moshpit-turned-pogo pits where beers erupted like volcanoes in mid-air. While his bandmates were arguing with the shoegaze drone between tracks, singer Brendan Yates waved the microphone stand in the air and encouraged people to dance. Most impressively, Turnstile released his 2013 EP . Broke from “Canned Heat” Step 2 RhythmPerhaps in a strategic move to further immerse newcomers in the hardcore world.

TXT @ Lollapalooza

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TXT Take Off
scream first tomorrow x together to the formula. Not yet as well known in America as their friend BTS (member J-Hope in Sunday headlines), Tomorrow X Together is testing the waters to see if there’s another Korean boy band here. Their brief teasing of a set for and only weeks after the group began a whirlwind American tour in Chicago. The five-member group’s perfectly orchestrated Lola appearance, which featured such wholesome, ready-to-wear pop juggernauts as “Good Boy Gone Bad,” the English-language “Magic,” and “Valley of Lies” . Featured guest Ian Dyer) launched as much of the brand as the performance.

Willow Fans Want More (Literally)
Greeted by a crowd chanting her name, Willow opened her headlining set with “Transparent Soul”. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s 21-year-old daughter shook the confidence of an artist twice her age, as she should; He’s got an incredible voice. However, her catalogs (“Lipsticks,” “Wait a minute,” “<शायद> After discovering it’s my fault”) and captivating the crowd with jokes (“The government is coming! I knew they would!” She laughed when a helicopter flew overhead), Willow Despite a discography of four albums, he finished his set 15 minutes early.He had the presence of a headliner, but a setlist of an opener.


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J. Cole Seasons Knocked Out on the Main Stage
With six studio albums, and all six hits below number one, J. Bonafides has long been established as Cole’s Lollapalooza headliner. Yet, like the inspiration behind most of his music, he didn’t forget where they came from. Like fellow headliner Dua Lipa the night before, J. Cole recalled performing a side stage at the festival, a “special stage” where aspiring artists and fans bond and Day Ones grow stronger. He debuted with a run of songs from his latest album, 2021 off season, and his subtle leaps while dropping his verses reflect an athlete’s warmup that is in line with the themes of the LP. He also shared the spotlight with his Dreamville teammates, taking out bass for “” and JID later joining them for “Down Bad” and “Stick”. Other highlights came through their performances for Day Ones, which packed the main stage area, including “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Power Trip,” and “No Role Modelz” coming close.

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