Lomepal in ‘ghost concert’ in Roubaix, fans looking for the room

A large crowd gathered this Thursday around the Cave aux Poètes. Without prior notice, the rapper Lomepal has organized a surprise concert in Roubaix. Which causes headaches among his fans who have embarked on the search for the venue chosen for the event.

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At the beginning of the afternoon of this Thursday, a sign announces in front of the Cave aux Poètes that the concert is already sold out, while the cars and the latecomers keep arriving. Problem: No concert was originally planned. In fact, it is the rapper Lomepal who will be present at 7 pm Mélodie, Sarah and Pauline* arrived a little late: “ We found out this morning in the university library. This afternoon we had a pharmacology course, we don’t know how we will recover the four hours. »


They will wait, just in case, in front of the gate, unlike some fans who made the trip from Brussels. Or to Lucas, who already has a ticket for a concert by the artist in April: ” It’s quite an original concept, these ghost concerts. But what do we mean by ghost concert? The artistwho just came back with his new album wrong orderannounced a few days ago the dates of a particularly popular tour, since it was necessary to add a second date at the Zénith de Lille.

A concert in Roubaix… but where?

But it has also just started a series of surprise concerts announced… by ads in the Google search engine. For his Paris premiere at La Boule Noire, the rapper posted this notice: “ Hyper desire to play in this room suddenly without warning. For his third stop, at the Orangerie of the Brussels Botanical Garden, he asked if ” Was it closed here? “.

Each time, fans have interpreted these messages as possible surprise concert dates, enough to cause long lines for the shows… which, moreover, have no ticket office: first to arrive, first to be served. So when on Wednesday night, at the end of his show in Brussels, Lomepal announced that he would be in Roubaix this Thursday… social networks were on fire.

Attendance limited to 170 people

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A fake review, still written on Google, brought dozens of fans to the Colosseum. This Thursday, the phone did not stop ringing in the Roubais concert hall. Isabelle, who manages the box office, can attest to this: “ My colleague Doriane no longer has a voice she jokes” We had people come in the morning to find out if the Lomepal ghost concert was organized in our place. The advantage is that it also gives us publicity! People know our name and were able to find out about our programming when they came. Other curious people also called to the side of the Public Status.

On the Cave aux Poètes side, security had known since Monday that a major artist was planned, without knowing his identity. The 170 seats reserved for the public in a room with a maximum capacity of 200 people quickly sold out, with people turning up from 8:30 am. Fortunately, the mercury does not reach 1,000ºC for those who are now waiting for the fateful hour. .

* Fake names

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