Louis Sarkozy got married: Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni and Cécilia Attias gathered for the big day

After five years of love, Louis Sarkozy married Natali Husic. For the occasion, Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni and Cécilia Attias met in Gordes, in Vaucluse.

It was a time of celebration and love in the Sarkozy family! This Saturday, September 24, Louis Sarkozy married his partner, Natali Husic. Although the ceremony was announced for the next month of October, finally the lovers went to the mayor a few weeks in advance, as revealed provence. It is in the hall of honor of the Château de Gordes in Vaucluse that the youngest of the former President of the Republic said “yes” for life to the Montenegrin model. For this great day, Louis Sarkozy was able to count on the presence of members of his family. Therefore, Nicolas Sarkozy was obviously present as was the mother of the groom, Cécilia Attias. Beside her, Carla Bruni posed with her daughter Giulia.

In his Facebook account, the mayor of the town was delighted with this union and shared several photos. In them, we highlight the Sarkozy family in their 31st, like the bride and groom, competing in elegance. For his wedding, Louis Sarkozy had opted for gray pants and a black double-breasted jacket while Natali Husic looked dazzling in a cream-colored suit that suited her perfectly. “Wedding of Louis Sarkozy and Natali Husic in Gordes. Congratulations to the newlyweds! After the arrival of Mrs. Pompidou (as First Lady) to inaugurate the Vasarely museum in 1970, and the acquisition by François Mitterrand of a property in our town in 1972, Gordes still receives a former President of the Republic in the Hall of Honor of the Castle…”wrote Richard Kitaeff.

Louis Sarkozy: who is his wife, Natali Husic?

As a reminder, Louis Sarkozy and Natali Husic have been in a relationship since 2017. It was that year that the young man formalized their relationship on Instagram. In particular, we were able to discover on social networks the ex of Capucine Anav playing a melody on the guitar for her beloved and tender one. Since, the couple lives in the united statesNatali holds a position at the Business Council for International Understanding in Washington after having studied relations and foreign affairs at New York University, but also theater, her passion for many years. In fact, she has taken classes at the New York Film Academy film school. At the same time, Natali Husic is a pianist, actress and composer. She’s the icing on the cake: she speaks five languages.

If he left France for the United States, Louis Sarkozy is still very close to his family. In 2019, the young man had also written a book with his mother, Cécilia Attias. And the two are particularly close. In February 2019 in particular, Louis Sarkozy published an op-ed in the Washington Examiner in which he advocated “complete legalization of drugs” In the U.S. A well-argued text that had aroused many reactions, including that of his mother. “It broke out in France when I absolutely did not expect it. In the space of one night, there were about fifty articles (…), Nicolas Sarkozy’s son commented on Vice. The detractors were mainly people who thought I had no legitimacy to address this issue, that it was none of my business.”

Louis Sarkozy: “I received the unconditional support of my mother”

And Louis Sarkozy was able to count on strong support… that of his mother, Cécilia Attias. “I received the unconditional support of my mother, as always by the way, confided the young groom in the columns of Vice. Some of my friends told me that the subject was too sensitive. But it is precisely because it is a sensitive issue that we should talk about it.” At that time, Louis Sarkozy made some very strange confidences about his father. “To be completely honest, I have a very personal relationship with my father, He explained. His life is politics, and I can’t bother him about it. Our political conversations are almost nonexistent, and that’s okay. We talk a lot more about football and PSG.”

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