Magali Berdah, her tendinitis and her stalkers by the thousands

Magali Berdah during the program

againstis the history of tendonitis. There was a time when, when a personality made a mistake on TV, we’d laugh about it for five minutes at the coffee machine, then promote Martine in accounting. From now on, the nonsense becomes an object in itself, which escapes its creator, and whose meaning is diverted at will on social networks, for days, even weeks. From now on, when we hear “Magali Berdah”, we will think of “tendinitis”.

It all started with the documentary “Influencers, scams and politics”, a somewhat captivating portrait of the influencer’s job and its excesses, broadcast on September 11, and which broke an audience record on France 2. from the Shauna e-influencer agency events Magali Berdah opened the doors to her offices there and then answered questions from Tristan Waleckx on set. The latter tried to corner her on the fact that he wasn’t wearing the connected watch she advertised (who asks Charlize Theron why she’s not wearing J’adore, Dior or Stéphane Plaza if he’s a Verisure subscriber?). The reality TV pope admitted that she didn’t use it every day, citing tendonitis.

A clumsiness that, the next day, unleashed a barrage of occasions on Twitter. From CGT to Tinder, passing through Buffalo Grill, Actimel, Doctolib, Pôle emploi and Crédit Agricole, all communicators, visibly lacking in imagination, have surfed the wave of “lol” in mode: “I can’t, I have tendinitis”. “Even Nikita Belluci, a porn figure, made irony about the cancellation of his gang-bang by taking this excuse. Since then, the call of Russian reservists, the annoyance of King Carlos III, the stumbles of Mbappé or the discomfort of the Nupes in the face of the Quatennens affair, everything is a pretext for the blagounette about the inflammation of the tendons.

One who has a long arm and who is jubilant at this national epidemic is Booba. The Duke of Boulogne has been leading a crusade on social networks against “influencers” and Magali Berdah for several months. The rapper, who filed a complaint against the businesswoman at the end of August, accuses her of defrauding young people with fraudulent product placements. A war in which he won the first battle with the investigation opened by the Grasse prosecutor’s office on September 6 for “deceptive business practices”.

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Object of the laughing stock of Internet users, Magali Berdah, explaining herself about Brut. and Virgin Radio on the pivotal issue of his arm pain, for which he unwittingly became a meme of his own volition. More interesting was the press conference on September 14, where the quadra, with a trembling voice, launched a real call for help: “I stand and I will not be silent. » Describe Booba as “stalker and non-complainant” and denounces the ordeal she has suffered since the rapper launched her community against her (6 million subscribers on Twitter) in May; nearly 100,000 hate messages, death threats, rape and incitement to suicide, including against her children, while the address of her house was made public (she had to move).

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