“Making 20 mistakes is not possible! »

Lyon beat Stade Français (33-27), but for Xavier Garbajosa, LOU coach, it was the only reason for satisfaction. For him, his players have been too undisciplined.

Xavier Garbajosa (Lyon coach after the victory over Stade Français 33-27): “It is a sigh of relief because there is victory but we cannot be satisfied. There is victory but it is not much. We didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot, otherwise we would have lost, but we didn’t get very far. And this is not the first time. Make twenty fouls, it’s not possible! So either we are an average club and we can be happy with the victory, or we are ambitious and we cannot be satisfied with it. Indiscipline is our job and there has to be awareness because that is serious”.

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Killian Géraci (2nd line of the LOU): “The victory is reassuring but we can’t be happy with a match like this, it’s not what we expect. We play very good first twenty minutes, then we chain the fouls, we let them come back. It is a concentration problem. So, obviously, there was doubt because they were offered the chance to come back.”

Gonzalo Quesada, coach of the Stade Français

“It’s frustrating because it’s been two years that we feel like we can win here and two years that it always turns in their favor.”

Gonzalo Quesada (coach of the Stade Français): “It’s frustrating because it’s been two years that we feel like we can win here and two years that it always comes back in their favor. This time, we made a catastrophic start and told ourselves that we could have taken a lot. But we have an irreproachable state of mind. Then we knew how to control them. We also felt that they were in doubt but we missed out on some flashes on their part.”

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Romain Briatte (3rd row of the Stade Français) :: “We knew they were going to make a great start, we had worked on it so that ours would be a success because we had failed against Castres and Bayona. But we make the same mistakes by not being connected. So we react. Little by little, we took over. Sometimes they have been seen walking back to save some time. It’s irritating. We put a lot of pressure on his (Niniashvili) back but he had a great match.”

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