Malware spreads on YouTube and steals your personal information

It can be tempting to use cheat software to fraudulently enhance your performance in a game, but it’s not very smart anymore, as publishers are watching closely and not hesitating to crack down on cheaters. But above all, pirates are on the prowl…

Videos on YouTube promise gamers to cheat on such popular games as FIFA 22, Forza, Spider-Man, Stray, Dying Light 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Point Blank, Project Zomboid either F1 22, by downloading software. The trap closes: the software in question contains RedLine, a Trojan horse that will steal the passwords and identifiers of web browsers, FTP clients and messengers.

The tricky trojan

Malware detected by Kaspersky security researchers will also collect cookies, credit card information, and data from autofill forms. And that’s not all: RedLine can also download and install third-party software, execute commands, and open links in your default web browser.

The spread of the malware goes through the victims’ YouTube account: RedLine steals connection details and posts fake videos accompanied by Trojan horse download links! However, Google has indicated that pirated channels are quickly removed because they violate YouTube’s guidelines.

This is not the first time RedLine has made headlines. The malware was first detected in March 2020 and has become one of the most common Trojans. It is available on all hacker forums for a few hundred dollars, a big deal for hackers and a big deal for gamers who want to cheat their favorite games. Moral of the story: it is better to play honestly, which avoids galleys of this type.

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