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Ready to help Manchester United, Eric Cantona has offered his services to become the president of the English club’s football team. But rejected by the Mancunian leaders, the Frenchman emptied his bag on the situation of the Red Devils.

Manchester United: failed

Eric Cantona wanted to help Manchester United.

King Eric Cantona made a real mark on Manchester United (1992-1997). Scorer of 82 goals in 188 games for the English club, the Frenchman has a high popularity rating among Mancunian fans, who appreciate his strong character.

And given MU’s recent struggles in recent years, the 56-year-old was ready to make his comeback to join the Red Devils’ org chart.

Cantona about his services, but…

But despite discussions with former vice president Ed Woodward at the time, Manchester United turned down the Marseille native! And in an interview with The Athletic on Monday, Cantona regretted the decision, criticizing the team’s performance. I met him (Woodward, ed. note) several times, but they didn’t accept (his proposal to be president of football, ed. note). Last year I proposed to the club to change their way of doing things. United should have a president, a marketing president and finally a football president. So I offered them to be president of football. Whether it’s me or someone else, I always think they should have someone for football. It must be someone from the club, who knows football and the club.upset the Habs, recalling MU’s decline since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure.

Since Ferguson retired, the club has doubled its income, but made nothing. So imagine if you are successful in the field and also have great people in marketing. So instead of doubling the income, I would triple it! But they don’t understand that. The club spends a lot of money, but you have to spend it well, he continued. And indeed, despite XXL investments in the market, Manchester United are having a hard time getting back on top.

The French have a clear conscience.

Always very attached to this club, Cantona really wanted to participate in the long-term reconstruction of MU. But with this approach, the former AJ Auxerre striker has a clear conscience in relation to the fans. They didn’t want him to be president. They didn’t want me. The fans should know that I went to Manchester to give them a chance to be successful for decades to come and they didn’t want it. I told myself: ‘for 5 years, I will put everything on the back burner and focus 100% on this.’ Now I am at peace with myself. Nobody can say that I didn’t try anything to help United. They do not want to. it’s your choice, term. Suffice it to say that Cantona will not miss the Mancunian bosses if the team continues to fail to win titles…

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